Episode 95: Should Penn State Have Extended Shrewsberry in January?

Recent reports suggest Penn State could have extended basketball coach Micah Shrewsberry as early as January, well before their Big Ten Tournament run and NCAA Tournament appearance. Should PSU have extended Shrewsberry mid-way through the season? In this episode, we answer that question and discuss football news, basketball news, and more. WE ARE!


00:02:50 Penn State football program continues to excel.
00:12:55 Ohio State tops list of football fanbases.
00:21:43 Iowa Whiteout game key for Penn State.
00:25:40 Penn State faces motivated West Virginia team.
00:29:20 Week one games are scary, relying on previous year’s film. Defense will face a good West Virginia offense.
00:38:57 Penn State administration slow to adapt, should have extended Shrewsberry.
00:58:54 Exhibit Ten contract. Andrew Funk shines, earns roster spot, displays talents.
01:06:24 Hunter Dickinson was loved by Michigan fans, but left for more money. College sports are becoming more business-like. Kansas fans treat basketball players like royalty. Dickinson’s comments about Kansas fans are interesting.


Andrew Burd [00:00:00]:

What’s up, Penn State fans? Welcome back to the Nittany Blues podcast. We are back for another episode. We are gearing up for the 2023 Penn State football season. There’s gonna be a lot to talk about here in the upcoming weeks. We got a couple of notes about West Virginia in this episode. West Virginia, of course, being Penn State’s first opponent of the 2023 season. Kind of a rivalry renewed situation going on. So a lot of excitement there. But before we get into that, Vince, how are you doing, man?

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Vince Fadale [00:00:27]:

I’m doing good. Just had a nice club ride with my buddies and my body is finally feeling good. After the Iron Man, I feel like I finally recovered and I’m feeling back to my normal self. So that’s always good and always happy to be on here on the pod and talk some Penn State football.

Andrew Burd [00:00:44]:

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. It seems like we’ve got a lot more to talk about this week than we initially thought that we would. Little tiny news bits and articles and updates coming out of every nook and cranny. So I don’t really have a preference. Where do you want to start?

Vince Fadale [00:01:01]:

I think we got to start off with the commentators of Penn State football this upcoming season. Unfortunately, Penn State did not fulfill our request. We are not going to be announcing Penn State’s home football. You know, devastated, of course, but definitely have some really highly qualified candidates. We got Joe Putnam and Rodney Martin. They’re going to be doing play by play and general announcements. Andrew, what are your thoughts on the hirings and how do you think they will fit in as we transition to a new commentator in Beaver Stadium?

Andrew Burd [00:01:39]:

Yeah, I mean, I think these were solid choices. I really just wanted them to stay within Penn State and I kind of expected them to do so. I’ve actually heard a couple of Rodney’s calls in the past, so I think that he’s going to be excellent for Penn State football. I think it’s just going to be all about kind of the cadence and the tone for those drives down the field, those big calls like when the touchdowns are scored and stuff like that. That’s really going to be kind of the I don’t want to say like make or break, but that’s going to be the thing that sets the tone for the PA for the rest of the season, I feel, because fans are going to want to know kind of what to expect and stuff like that. So definitely some big shoes to fill with Dean DeVore no longer being with the Penn State football team to call those plays and announce the ball carriers and everything in between. But I think that Penn State got it right here.

Vince Fadale [00:02:36]:

Yeah, definitely good to hire someone within the program, someone who knows the pride and excellence in Penn State football. So I think they’ll understand the expectations, know do an outstanding job.

Andrew Burd [00:02:50]:

Absolutely. Yeah. So let’s talk some more Penn State football here. So I have a note here. Basically the only introduction that we need here is that the strength and conditioning program at Penn State just continues to be elite. We’ve heard time and time again about how Penn State just churns out hulks of players after they’ve had one or two seasons in the weight room with Penn State. There was that famous NFL draft combine in I guess that have been 2017 after Penn State made their Big Ten championship run. And Penn State had something like seven players of the combine, and almost all of them shined. So Penn State, just notoriously has a very good program, and that is certainly continuing. We had a couple of social media worthy moments out of the weight room over the past week with defensive tackle out of South Africa Jordan Vandenberg setting the program squat record. This guy squatted 615 pounds four times, and my mind just breaks even. Beginning to think about lifting that much weight regardless of how I put it up in the air. That’s just ridiculous.

Vince Fadale [00:04:09]:

Yeah. Absolutely insane. That is pretty much four times my body weight. So let’s just throw this guy in at fullback, give him the football. It’ll take at least two defensive linemen to bring him down. That is some really impressive play strength right there. And unbelievable how easy he makes it look in the video.

Andrew Burd [00:04:36]:

He probably has some kind of rugby background, too. Being from South Africa, I’m sure he’s touched a rugby pitch at least. So give him the rock, see what he can do.

Vince Fadale [00:04:46]:

Yeah, I think that would be a fun little addition to the wing t offense. Throw Vandenberg in there and have him be a lead blocker. Just move people out of the way. I think that’d be a great play.

Andrew Burd [00:04:59]:

It would be like Michigan State back in 2015 when they handed the ball off to their center for a touchdown for just, like, one of the most disrespectful scores ever. But I digress. So another guy making some headlines is our guy Nick Singleton. Not only is he getting it done on the football field, he’s getting it done off the field and also, of course, in the weight room. And strength and conditioning coach Chuck Losi was so impressed by Nick Singleton’s recent power clean attempt at 385 that he posted it on Twitter. Very reminiscent of Sequan. I’m not going to lie. This is very close to Sequan weight when Sequan was kind of really hitting his stride as a monster in the Penn State weight room. So just more reasons for us to be excited. I mean, seems like that extra weight that he put on is going to good use.

Vince Fadale [00:05:55]:

Yeah, and he still looks very explosive. He still looks like he has that four three speed. And just being able to have that strength, that’s how you get to the next level, because you got to have that muscle to absorb all the hits, especially if you’re a bell cal back. So if you’re getting a lot of carries, you got to be able to absorb the hits. And really impressive when you have Saquon Barkley coming out and giving you some kudos on social media. He left a little comment on there with some know catching. When you catch the attention of Saquon Barkley, you’re doing something right. You’re doing something right. And this is a little tangent here, but how shocked are you that the New York Football Giants have been unable to come to terms with Saquon Barkley debatably the best running back in the NFL in my opinion, to a long term contract? How surprised are you that that hasn’t got done while we’re talking about Saquon Barkley?

Andrew Burd [00:06:58]:

Not surprised at know, I think that NFL executives just across the league have a general lack of appreciation for top tier running backs and it’s like I get the whole do you need a top tier running back to win a championship debate. I can understand both sides, but there are guys out there who play the same position, who are getting paid a lot of money to play this position. And there’s guys who do a very similar job just in terms of their output, and they’re not getting paid. And Saquon is being one of them. And so it’s a league wide thing. But also the Giants are just completely inept as an organization in several you know, I’m not shocked at all that this is happening with him. It’s really unfortunate mean all that guy wants to do ever since he got injured in his second season, all he wants to do is get back to that peak form.

Vince Fadale [00:07:55]:

Yeah, I think the injuries might have an issue coming back to him not getting paid the amount of money that he does want. But I definitely don’t blame him for not playing under the franchise tag, because if he gets an injury, teams might want to stay away from him. And having that guaranteed money over a long period of time is really important. So the average person might look at him declining $10.9 million, but on the other hand, he’s missing out on potentially a lot more money. So definitely don’t blame him. I do agree the way the NFL is going now, they’re kind of looking at analytics and running backs. And most of the teams in the Super Bowl over the past couple of decades, they have had maybe like $2 million invested in the running back position. So when you have a player of that caliber and you’re paying him $12 million, it makes it difficult to strengthen other areas of the roster that the analytics show do have success. So defensive line, offensive line, quarterback, wide receiver, those big time money positions. So I think Saquon is kind of maybe an exception to the role kind of him and Derek Henry where they’re special talents and those are guys that are just really hard to bring down.

Andrew Burd [00:09:14]:

And like Christian McCaffrey. So you want guys who are just so multi talented can impact the game in more ways than just run this direction, carry the ball and rinse.

Vince Fadale [00:09:26]:

Exactly. So I do think kind of a caveat for that too, is you need to be able to be a threat out of the backfield in the air so which he mean, he’s not like Debo Samuel, but he can kind of run and also be a receiving threat like Debo. So I think he should kind know, be up there amongst the top and I think he should be paid like a so, you know, we’ll see if he gets done. As an Eagles fan, I’m not going to be too upset if I don’t have to see Barkley tearing up our defense. So that’s not going to be a huge concern to me. But my Penn State homerism does want Saquon to get paid and if it’s at a different location, great. I would love to not face Saquon Barkley twice a year in the NFL.

Andrew Burd [00:10:13]:

Yeah, no, great point. And just to go a little bit deeper down the rabbit hole too, I think something that Derek Henry said was actually kind of interesting where he just kind of made the blanket statement of just get rid of the running back position. Know, if this is kind of the direction that things are going, why should guys be committing themselves to perfecting this craft if they’re not going to be paid like some of these other offensive weapons that exist out there in the NFL? And I think that like, this kind of discourse comes at an interesting time where you had mentioned guys like Debo Samuel exist. So it seems to be that there’s an emerging trend of these Tweener position guys who are both like wide receivers but can also play running back at a highly effective level. It kind of seems like these are going to be kind of those swiss army knives that are going to be paid those big bucks because they can play either position, and so they don’t have to invest in a saquon Barkley or an Austin Eckler or a Christian McCaffrey and instead have this guy who can just affect the game in so many different ways on the field. I mean, I feel like Christian McCaffrey would be just as good of a player if you put him in the slot as you would putting him behind the like, those are the kinds of players that we’re talking about. So I just think it’s interesting how not only is the analytics saying, hey, this is kind of a thing now, now the players are actively talking about this kind of becoming a thing too.

Vince Fadale [00:11:51]:

Yeah, and when you see Daniel Jones getting paid $40 million exactly, I feel like their team is going to hurt over the span of the next five years a lot more without Daniel Jones and Sequan Barkley. If you threw give them a backfield of like Sequan Barkley and then like Marcus Mariota or Derek Carr or Andy Daltimer back, like, I think they have a pretty competent team and would be able to do well because their defense is really solid. And when you don’t have a great offensive line like the Giants do, you need a great running back like Saquon Barkley that can make some defenders miss. So kind of shocking, but not shocking in some. So but that’s the New York Giants. They’re kind of a dysfunctional organization and the more chaos, the know exactly. We’re 2 hours down the coast and we love the chaos up there.

Andrew Burd [00:12:50]:

So we just that’s right.

Vince Fadale [00:12:52]:

Smile and smile and move about our business.

Andrew Burd [00:12:55]:

That’s right. So speaking about kind of having success and moving about our business, here’s a fun little tidbit that we learned today in one of our group chats. So there was a story that was released by Buckeyeswire on Usatoday.com, that being the Ohio State Buckeyes dedicated site on USA Today that talks about all things Ohio State football. And they released a story today that talks about the relative size of the fan base of different football programs. And just know, spoiler alert, the top three teams in terms of the fan base goes, number one, Ohio State. Number two Michigan. And then number three penn State. So I wasn’t really surprised to see Penn State top five or even top three. I think if you would have said that we were number like, I still wouldn’t have been surprised. I think that story, though, what I thought was kind of interesting is that Duke was sitting within the top like five or so I thought that was kind of interesting. Some of the SEC teams are sitting at seven and eight, which I thought was a little interesting as well because Georgia’s won two national championships now. So how has their fan base not grown by leaps and bounds outside of those who have traditionally set themselves in Georgia? That kind of stuff. But what were your thoughts on this, Vince?

Vince Fadale [00:14:23]:

So part of me isn’t super surprised about the Michigan Ohio State. When you have a matchup every year that’s called the game, that’s kind of the biggest matchup. And I feel like it’s almost the equivalent to a Duke UNC rivalry in college basketball. So because of that rivalry, you’re going to get fans who aren’t even geographically really close to either of those teams. So for example, like my family, I have a lot of Duke and UNC fans in my family just because we’re into basketball, and that’s the biggest game. So you kind of watch that game and then you like one of the two programs. So I do think they have that kind of going for them. I’m absolutely not surprised to see Penn State up super high. I think we have the best fans in the nation and they have the largest alumni, so and then in the Northeast region, not another really football powerhouse to compete with. So we can really have a whole Northeast region in terms of football fans. So not surprised that those are the two above us, but I think it really goes to show that that is the power of the Big Ten Conference and Big Ten football.

Andrew Burd [00:15:42]:

Oh, God. Yeah. And now that you’re going to throw in USC and UCLA, which UCLA was also on that list. USC was not, which I was shocked by. So I’d be curious to I mean, I didn’t comb over this article with a fine tooth comb or anything like that to understand the metrics that they’re using and the data and the research and stuff like that, but I was shocked to see that UCLA has a larger fan base than USC as far as it comes to football. Like, if you told me basketball, I wouldn’t have batted an eye, but that was still kind of surprising.

Vince Fadale [00:16:20]:

Yeah. For me, they must ask people like, oh, what college football team do you support? And they might have went to that university, or they’re more into basketball. So they worked for UCLA and basketball.

Andrew Burd [00:16:35]:

Because the coach wouldn’t all their success.

Vince Fadale [00:16:37]:

And they just checked that off on the it’s.

Andrew Burd [00:16:42]:

That’d be like lazy data gathering, though. I feel like you got to be a little more scientific if you’re going to say something definitive like, this is how big the fan base is of a football program. You got to have some more, I don’t know, hard hitting numbers than yeah.

Vince Fadale [00:16:56]:

Like, I don’t think Duke is selling more football tickets than all those SEC schools. I’m not buying that. I think in terms of having that size of fan base, it must be from the basketball program. There’s people all over the country that are Duke fans and support Duke basketball. So I think it’s kind of because of that where college basketball is the second biggest sport in NCAA athletics. So I think you get a lot of supporters there and then they end up rooting for the football team and Duke and UNC has know, okay, they’ve been ranked at times and they’re playing in the ACC, so they have a chance to be more competitive in a less competitive conference. So they haven’t been kind of like the cellar dwellers like they have been of the Pat 20 years ago.

Andrew Burd [00:17:45]:

That is true. Yeah.

Vince Fadale [00:17:49]:

So I found that very interesting. Another thing that I wanted to segue to is they do have ticket prices out for the matchups for all of Penn State’s home games. In your opinion, or I’ll say first question, what do you think is the highest price ticket for this football season? And number two, what do you think it should be? What would you pay the most money for?

Andrew Burd [00:18:18]:

Got it. That’s tough. And just to kind of set the stage here. I don’t know what the prices are. So that’s kind of the game here. I’m trying to guess what is the most expensive ticket. So I think that the most expensive ticket, regardless of my feeling on the matter, is West Virginia. I think that there’s so many elements to this season opener night game, old rivalry, new Ferrari of a quarterback like Revamped, Penn State coming off Rose bowl victory. There’s so many elements in here that make this a highly desirable ticket. The fact that West Virginia is close in proximity geographically. They’re going to have a ton of fans coming up for the game. So that’s going to drive prices up as well. And just for the same reasons they’re going to be excited about this game. Penn State is an old rival for them. Guys who are dad’s ages are going to be pumped for this game because they remember Penn State v. West Virginia from like the 1980s and stuff like that. So I think that there’s going to be a lot of excitement on their side. Obviously they have kind of a chip on their shoulder being picked to finish last in the big twelve, which we can also get into in a little bit, but that’s my guess. That’s where I think the most expensive ticket currently is for the season. Am I right, Vince?

Vince Fadale [00:19:43]:

Okay, so what do you think it should be? Do you think it should be West Virginia?

Andrew Burd [00:19:47]:

Got it.

Vince Fadale [00:19:49]:

I just want to want both parts to your question here before I reveal the numbers.

Andrew Burd [00:19:53]:

No problem. Yeah. I also think it should be West Virginia because I think that the bringing back of a non con rival for a night game in these situations I think really is just going to drive up the prices in a lot of different ways. I think there’s kind of an air, I don’t want to say of familiarity, but the ticket prices for Michigan are going to be kind of what they are. They’re going to be high, but they’re not going to be super high because it’s going to be like a noontime game and stuff like that. And Iowa, with it being the know, I think that that’s probably also going to be a night game. But it’s like it doesn’t have the same juice as West Virginia does. Even though there’s still some beef that we got to sort out against, like, I still think that the factors affecting the West Virginia game will result in higher ticket prices.

Vince Fadale [00:20:53]:

Yeah. Excellent. So West Virginia is actually third on the list. Wow. Okay. The secondary market, this is from StateCollege.com as of July, twelveTH is $167. Michigan is just above that at $168. And then the Iowa game is there at $175. So that’s the big game of the year. Are you shocked that it’s Iowa or.

Andrew Burd [00:21:27]:

Do you think I’m a little shocked, yeah. I would have expected West Virginia to be above the Iowa game, but it wouldn’t have shocked me if it was below the Michigan game. So this order does shock me, but yeah, it is what it is. I’m just wrong.

Vince Fadale [00:21:43]:

Yeah, I was a little surprised by this, but then I thought about, oh, Iowa is the Whiteout. What game does everyone want to be a part of? What is the greatest environment in college football? It is the Whiteout that is the best game every single year. No game is better. So I completely understand Iowa being the highest ticket price. I’m kind of along the team where I think it should be Michigan since that is their toughest, you know, September, the weather is going to be nice. The Whiteout is always fun at that point in the season. We still expect Penn State to be undefeated. Hopefully, if they are not undefeated at that point, we’re probably going to be a pretty miserable podcast. We’re not going to have quite as much fun recording as we would. But yeah, with Michigan, I think having it later in the season, it’s a noon game, even though it is their best opponent, and I think that has some weight. And especially if Penn State can beat Ohio State, then again, that’s going to change and those tickets are going to skyrocket up because at that point you’re thinking, big Ten East champions, college football, that could change things. Absolutely. So depending on how the Ohio State game and the precedent to that goes, then that’s going to determine the outcome of those tickets. But again, I think Iowa is going to be a good game. It’s the White Owl. It’s the night game. You have that revenge factor there of them booing our players. So to be just to really give them, I don’t want to say like a taste of their own medicine, but just some good old fashioned payback and a butt whooping. I think that’s going to be very similar. It’s going to be really similar to the Minnesota game last year. They’re going to not know what to do and not know. I really expect that to be a blowout of a our. I wouldn’t be surprised if our defense doesn’t give up a touchdown in that need. That is how confident I am.

Andrew Burd [00:24:04]:

No, I agree. I need Chop Robinson to just Declet Cade McNamara in the worst way. Just lay that dude. I mean, obviously we’ll have everything and more to talk about that matchup when it comes around, but this is, I think, the one that a lot of people may have circled in the boldest sharpie for those reasons.

Vince Fadale [00:24:33]:

Yeah, absolutely. And circling back here to West Virginia, which you think should be the most expensive game, the Big Twelve doesn’t seem to think that. So I saw a poll the other day and there was a consensus, it was a media poll. And the consensus was that West Virginia, they predicted, would finish last in the Big Twelve, and this is with additions of four new teams. So they now have cincinnati, UCF, BYU, Houston. Yeah. Houston, I believe, is the fourth team. So out of all those programs even being added, they have West Virginia finishing last. What are your thoughts on that? Are there teams in the Big Twelve where you want to kind of pound the table and say, no, these teams are definitely worse? What are your thoughts on that in the ranking?

Andrew Burd [00:25:40]:

Well, my initial thought to hearing that is this team has nothing really to lose now. It kind of just adds into kind of the trap game scenario for Penn State. This is a team that they’re going to be unranked. Penn State is probably going to be ranked like top five, top seven. It’s at home and night game and stuff like that. This should be a team that Penn State should beat by 20, but this is a team that, according to their coach, is mad that they got picked to finish last in the Big Twelve by the media. So I think they’re going to have a chip on their shoulders. They’re going to have kind of that screw it mentality. Like, let’s go out there and shock the world as many times as we can. I have actually seen a couple of people on the Twitter sphere in West Virginia’s corner kind of saying that a lot of people think that Penn State’s going to win, but wouldn’t really shock us if West Virginia won. Which, I mean, that’s what every fan base of every opposing team says about every game in existence. So I don’t really put too much water into that, but I just say that to say the fans haven’t given up hope. This is still a game that they’re very excited about, and I think the players are going to be very excited about this too, because of the implications and the fact that in the Big Twelve, there’s not a ton of premier teams. Right now, your biggest premier team is probably TCU, and they blackmagic to their way into the national championship game last year. Outside of that, you’ve got Kansas State and I mean, obviously you’ve champions. Yeah. Yeah, I know. But it’s like Kansas State does not carry the same water as Penn State right now. That’s all I’m saying. They did a tremendous job shutting TCU down the way that they did, but in terms of preseason rankings and expectations and stuff like that, penn State is still a step above, at least in my opinion. Obviously, they still have Oklahoma and Texas for now this year, but it’s like they’re not going to get that many cracks at like, a top ten opponent to just be kind of that turning page moment for their program, and this is one of them. So I think that this is something that Franklin and the crew just kind of need to continue pounding the pavement and say listen, we cannot take these guys lightly. We’ve got to come to this with the right amount of preparation, all this stuff that we’ve seen in years past, which I think that we’re going to avoid. Truthfully, speaking of slow starts in the first game and stuff like that, we can’t have this here. So that’s my initial thoughts, which was kind of a long winded, winding path, but I don’t really know enough about the Big Twelve as a conference overall right now to say definitively that other teams should have been voted lower than them. When we get closer to West Virginia, and especially when we do our preview pod for that, I want to look at things like which coaches they replace, who did they lose in the transfer portal, who did they add, what production did they lose to the NFL? And stuff like that. So I think there’s so many factors and so many unknowns involved here that I’m just such an uneducated voice in this that I’m just going to kind of say like, well, I mean, the media says their thing and they’re either going to be right or they’re going to be wrong. And so we’ll see at the tail end of August and early September.

Vince Fadale [00:29:20]:

Yeah, and week one games are always really scary. You don’t have film on the team. You’re kind of relying on film from the previous year. So that’s always difficult. Everyone has juice. Everybody has energy for that first game, especially a night game in Beaver Stadium. So they’re going to come here with some juice. I expect that 100%. I think they’re also kind of in that almost Maryland mentality where they’re going to be really tough in the beginning of the season and bad teams don’t know they’re bad yet. So Maryland was upsetting. Teams like Texas, they’ve been known to do that really early in the season. And then October comes around and they start to kind of fizzle out and become mediocre. So I think Purdue is the perfect example of that. Do I think we are in a 38 to 35 game with Purdue if it’s in November? Probably not. Like Penn State really started to grow. They established an identity, they figured out what they wanted to do, and they grew a lot throughout the season. And Purdue is obviously a very good team, being Big Ten West champions. But I’d have to say, if that matchup was played in November, the outcome, I think you’d see a Penn State win with a larger differential. So week one games, always scary, but thankfully this one’s not on the road and on a Thursday, this one’s in. So you know that defense is going to be dealing with a pretty good West Virginia offense. Defense isn’t super great on West Virginia for the Mountaineers, but I do expect our defense to get a lot of help to deal with the weapons that West Virginia has on the offensive side of the.

Andrew Burd [00:31:12]:

Ball. What do you think of their offense, though? Because didn’t they lose their starting quarterback? So they’re bringing on a new quarterback this season, or am I wrong?

Vince Fadale [00:31:25]:

I don’t know the exact roster kind of turnover, and that’s something I’m going to have to look into as well. But just in terms of year to year, in terms of tradition, they typically have a good offense, and I’d expect nothing less in a whiteout environment. And with the defense that we have, I think things will go really well. But again, you never know. I never thought we would lose to Illinois nine overtimes at home, but we.

Andrew Burd [00:32:00]:

It’S crazy stuff can and does happen.

Vince Fadale [00:32:03]:

Yeah. No one thought App State would beat Michigan on a blocked field happened. So we have to be ready. And I think coach is going to do a good job. And he’s now the second longest tenured coach in the Big Ten, actually, with the firing of Pat Fitzgerald behind only Kirk Ference. So coach Franklin’s been around the block. He’s been coaching Big Ten football for a long time, and he’s become more familiar with these programs. So the more you do the job, the better you get at it. And I think he’s going to have the troops ready for a week. One battle.

Andrew Burd [00:32:42]:

Absolutely, yes. So the last thing that I got here about football for you, it’s another Chat GPT little questionnaire thing, just continuing from our last episode. So last pod, I asked you who Chat GPT thought is the greatest linebacker in all of Penn State history with it selecting Jack Ham, continuing the trend of various position groups. It thinks that is the is the greatest quarterback. It thinks that Larry Johnson Jr. Is the greatest running back, and it thinks that Jack Ham is the greatest linebacker. And so we’re staying on the defensive side of the ball this time around. And per your request, Vince, I asked Chat GPT who it thinks is the greatest defensive end in Penn State football program history. So I’m going to give you the same two familiar questions of who do you think is the greatest defensive end and who do you think a computer I e chat GPT would select as the greatest defensive end?

Vince Fadale [00:33:51]:

Yeah. So a lot of good names up there. You have Bruce Clark, who got drafted number four by the Green Bay Packers. You have, of course, tombahali. We talked about him a little bit in linebacker, but he’s kind of that edge category. So he did a great job. He piled up eleven sacks, 17 tackles for loss, defensive Lineman of the Year award. He was MVP of the 2006 Senior Bowl. You’ve done homework before. Yeah. So I wanted to be prepared for this.

Andrew Burd [00:34:25]:

All right.

Vince Fadale [00:34:28]:

If you had to go more recently, I think it would have to be Tombahali. Dave Robinson’s up there, he was a starter in 55 games. Michael Haynes got 15 sacks in 2002. You had Mike Hartstein with 104 tackles as a junior and 108 more the following year. And he was the 31st overall selection in the 1975 NFL Draft and went on to a twelve year pro career. So a lot of good defensive ends coming out of Penn State, but there is absolutely no way that Chat GBT does not pick Courtney Brown. And he was the number one overall draft pick. He was a three time All Conference selection. He’s the school’s career leader in sacks with 33 that Danny Dennis Sutton is gunning for, and he has a career tackles for loss of 70. So Big Ten defensive Player of the year. First overall pick in the 2000 Draft. I have to go with Courtney Brown with Tomba ali Holly as a close second.

Andrew Burd [00:35:33]:

Well done, my man. Yeah, you nailed it right on the head. So Chat GPT did select Courtney Brown as the greatest defensive end in program history with this description courtney Brown was a dominant force on the defensive line and received numerous accolades during his college career. In 1999, he won the Chuck Benaric Award and the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year award. He was also a unanimous All American selection that year. Brown was later drafted as the first overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns. And in kind of the ending series of this explanation, it did mention that there were other notable Penn State defensive ends that were in consideration, including Tom Bahali, Michael Haynes and Carl Nassib, among others.

Vince Fadale [00:36:21]:

Nassib was a good one, too. I miss him. He had a nice career with the Browns, I think Browns and maybe so.

Andrew Burd [00:36:28]:

He I don’t know who he’s with right now, but he was recently with the Raiders. But yeah, he’s most known at Penn State for setting the single season sack record at 15 and a half. He broke Michael Haynes record, which had stood for, I believe, a couple of decades at that point at 15. So Carl Nassib kind of exploded onto the scene.

Vince Fadale [00:36:53]:

Well, I remember it was really fun because he just kind of came out of nowhere. He was kind of like this kind of lanky guy who had a long wingspan and they thought he’d be good, but then I guess all that kind of strength and conditioning program really he started to fill out and then had a really dominant season that last year and really fun to watch. Got to be a nice draft pick and then absolutely a career out of something he loves to do. He’s definitely one of those really fun stories, sports stories in college football. So definitely a big Carl Nassib fan.

Andrew Burd [00:37:32]:

Yeah, same here. But yeah, well done, man. You nailed it right on the head. I mean, I’m impressed by the level of research and detail that you went into this whole thing with. This was good, so I’ll give you the choice again. So we’ll do another position group next week. Where do you want to go?

Vince Fadale [00:37:53]:

Let’s go interior defensive line. We’ll go defensive tackle.

Andrew Burd [00:37:57]:

Okay, sounds good. Then we will cover that next week.

Vince Fadale [00:38:02]:

Excellent. So moving on to other news in Penn State athletics, so saw some an article that said that Michael Shrewsbury agent was trying to negotiate an extension in January before Notre Dame was reaching out to him at that point in the season. So based off of where Penn State basketball was in January and the state of the program, how much of a mistake do you think that was on the part of the administration not extending Michael Shrewsbury in January? Now keep in mind, this was before we went on that run to put ourselves in position to be an FCA tournament team and make a deep run into the big time playoff.

Andrew Burd [00:38:57]:

Yes, big time championship game. Yeah. And I think that’s important context here. And of course, hindsight is 2020 in all situations, but especially ones like this. That being said, I think that this is still a big egg on their face moment for the Penn State Athletic Administration if these reports are true, because this just kind of further highlights kind of the behind the times. Element that Penn State athletics has kind of lived in for a while now, especially as we’re kind of entering the modern era of name, image and likeness. There were so many stories and reports and news and updates out there that Penn State was really kind of lagging behind in a lot of these different areas. And there was some aversion to kind of taking these steps and implementing these things to put Penn State in a competitive position in the college football and college athletics overall landscape and stuff like that. So this is really just kind of another feather in that cap, if you will. Yeah, so I guess I would say that generally my position is that most programs in Penn State’s situation in recent history would have extended him at that point in time. And I think that it was Penn State’s recent aversion to change and adapting to the new college athletics landscape that prevented these things from happening. I mean, Penn State, it’s an old athletic program. Like, it’s an old administration that are running things. We’ve heard about it countless times now because of what’s been happening with nil and football and stuff like that. This is an administration that does not make changes quickly. And in this case, it just seemed like they weren’t making the changes quickly enough. So I think that this is just another thing that Penn State should kind of look back on and say, this is something that we can’t have happen again. And in a way just to kind of like apply a little bit of silver lining to this. I think that this whole series of events is going to kind of be the catalyst to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Because all they have to do is look back at the recent history within the last two years. If a situation like this comes around again and be like, yeah, we can’t have this happen again, So everybody get your ducks in a row so we can make sure we keep our guys. But what are your thoughts, Vince?

Vince Fadale [00:41:38]:

Yeah, I think they really dropped the ball in this one. Even in the first year when they only had 14 wins, I was really impressed with the program just because they were competitive in most of their games, they suffered a lot of close losses. But for Penn State basketball to be competitive after the Pat Chambers drama, and Jim Ferry being the interim coach and then some players wanting him, michael Shrewsbury did not come into a great situation like he is in Notre Dame. The head coach retired, and he’s the new guy and kind of the new kind of young coach who’s doing an awesome job and a lot of hype around him. So his situation going into Notre Dame is a lot better than when he came here. So the fact that he produced a competitive team in Year one and then year Two showed clear and obvious steps to getting better, that’s something that I look for. And it takes really five years for your program to be elite. It takes about four to five years on average for a coach. And to recruit and build that culture, it takes time. And the fact that maybe the Big Ten games weren’t going quite as well, and they also had a couple tough losses to Clemson and Virginia Tech, but again, these are close losses that you’re seeing that the talent is there. And Coach Shrews has been able to get them off to one of the best start in years. I believe they started Ten and to start the season, that’s exciting. And the fact that they got there and they’re being competitive in these games, and they bounce back after the Michigan loss, they beat Illinois, really good program. They beat Indiana at home. They beat some quality. Yeah, they had a lot of marquee wins here. And they beat Furman, who ended up being an NCAA Tournament team. And that tournament they did in like, they they did some pretty big things early on in the season. And, yeah, they had a couple heartbreaking losses. But for Penn State, who’s not known with the deep tradition like the wrestling or the football program, the fact that he’s doing this kind of stuff in year two and putting out a high quality product in January and especially since you knew the fact that Notre Dame was going to be looking for a new like this wasn’t like, oh, all of a sudden, james Bray retires. They knew this was coming in November. He said this was going to be his last year of coaching. And, you know, Coach Drews is an Indiana guy. And this was like the one position that scared me as a fan going into this season. I was like, oh, I think Coach Drew’s might take that job because it’s in. Like I wasn’t really worried about Georgetown or know I think Penn State’s still a better job than either of those two coaching positions. But the fact that you knew this was coming, you knew Notre Dame was going to be looking for a new guy, and the fact that they didn’t take care of this in January when his agent was trying to get something together. And pretty much in the article, his wife was saying they pretty much waited for the hot streak, and then he kind of got the new offer. They were working on that behind the scenes. And once they made the NCA tournament, I think they gave Coach Shrews the offer on March 14, like the day before their game, and he didn’t feel comfortable signing it because he’s like, I don’t want that to distract away from the team and what we’re trying to do in the tournament here and make a deep run. So I completely understand that. And Coach Cruz goes in the article saying he always operates as if he’s broke. And I went on a flight with him on an allegiant flight, which is not a fancy flight. So he definitely is very fiscally responsible and really smart with his money. So he knows what he’s doing. They didn’t start talking to him even until kind of after February. But the thing is, if he signs that contract extension, he’s here. And we’re not having this whole kind of know, John Harris making phone calls to alumni to try to get more nil money. We’re not having this going on. And when you have a program as big as Penn State and an administrative team as big as Penn State in the athletic department, I don’t know how this doesn’t get yeah. That just almost shows the lack of professionalism when you’re calling John Hara, which he does not have, to help the team and be making phone calls and asking for money. Like, it’s great that he’s willing to do that. And I think it shows the great culture we have here at Know between players and students and alumni. And it’s definitely a great environment. But you shouldn’t be going to John Hara making phone calls to just kind of scrap something up. You know, it really showed the lack of professionalism. But I do think they’ve learned from it now, so I don’t foresee this happening again in the near future. In the Coach Rhodes era, they got Know in a big contract. It’s long term. The buyouts know very tough. He comes from a winning program. So I do think they found a good candidate. But is he going to be as good as Micah Shrewsbury? That’s the question, because that is always going to be the measuring stick under his tenure. Can he be as good as Michael Shrewsbury? And again, I’m going to say the answer is more likely no than yes. Just because Coach Shrewsbury did such an amazing job with this, you know, time will, you know, hopefully Coach Rhodes does a good job. I think that the philosophy is going to look very different. He likes to run more of that press and do some different things defensively. I think you’re going to see the team crashing the boards a little bit more where due to the lack of size, coach Shrews, after they shot, he would kind of have most of his guys going back to defense so that they weren’t giving up any transition points. So I think it’s going to look different. But yeah, I still am in shock that when an average guy can say, hey, Notre Dame is going to be a threat. Me, who’s just a casual know, I guess I’m observing more like all the games now that we’re doing this podcast, but the fact that an average guy is like, okay, this is going to be a threat. You take care of care of it before it becomes a problem. Yeah, you got to first problems coming, right?

Andrew Burd [00:48:58]:

And I think that’s just another element of this whole Penn State was kind of stuck in their old traditional ways sort of thing. Because we know just from being in the zeitgeist of college athletics, and especially with college football coaches moving everywhere during the offseason and now college basketball coaches. I mean, not that this is like anything new, but coaches move. That’s not a new concept. That’s just kind of been a thing in modern college athletics. And so to not have the foresight to just kind of be like, these are some programs who might be interested in our guy if we start doing well in these areas. And that concept also should not have been new to Penn State as an administration because this is exactly the same story every year of James Franklin is likely going to be the next coach at, like, we had heard that story for three years straight. And so this just should not have been something that caught Pat Kraft and the rest of the administration so blindsided. I will likely never know. Kind of the full depth of who’s to blame and stuff like that. So it’s just kind of like one of those things where you just got to kind of be like, yeah, that’s a huge bummer, but we move on.

Vince Fadale [00:50:30]:

Yeah. And to me, it almost seems like they weren’t paying attention. So when the agents reaching out to you in like at that point, I’ve seen enough. I know Michael Shrewsbury is a winner.

Andrew Burd [00:50:43]:

Read the room too. If the agent is reaching out to you, something’s in the water.

Vince Fadale [00:50:50]:

Yeah. And obviously that’s the agent’s job to get their client the most amount of money. But the fact that if you couldn’t tell at that point. It just goes to show that you weren’t paying attention and obviously there’s a lot of pressure and our season might have turned out differently. They might have not made the NCAA Tournament, but even if they didn’t, they still probably would have got to 20 wins, which is big improvement from the previous season.

Andrew Burd [00:51:19]:


Vince Fadale [00:51:19]:

So I think it just yeah, massive improvement. And that’s all you’re looking for at Penn State. They don’t need to be like North Carolina and Duke in year two. That’s going to take time. And I think Coach Cruz could have done that over a longer period of time. But really a bummer that they couldn’t see it and average people like us can see it.

Andrew Burd [00:51:46]:

Yeah, I know. Yeah. That’s the funny part about it, right?

Vince Fadale [00:51:51]:

Yeah. I mean, obviously they have more knowledge of the kind of the day to day, but it’s one of those things that’s going to forever baffle me.

Andrew Burd [00:52:00]:

Right. Maybe it’s like a situation where they were just so heads down in the minutiae of the administration and just running the department that they kind of lost sight of the macro view, which is what we have access to and what we talk about and stuff like that.

Vince Fadale [00:52:19]:

Yeah. A philosophy or a cliche that I like to use is sometimes the wrong decision is better than no decision. So I feel like they kind of got caught in a paralysis by analysis type of thing, being like, oh, should we do this? What if it doesn’t work out? And it really kind of came around and bite them in the know. Life is, uh muhammad Ali said, those who don’t have the courage to take risk in life will never become successful. I think that kind know applies here. You do need to take some risk and you can’t wait till you have a competitor coming in. You got to get your house in order, take care of it before it becomes a problem. And I think that’s what your best leaders are able to do. They’re able to see problems that come up before they happen. And I think that goes for anything. Not just sports really a big bummer, but I think we can move on to some other better news. Roman Bravo Young, we know from Penn State wrestling is now going to be representing Penn State in the Olympics for not Penn State, he’s going to be representing Mexico in the Olympics. There we go. Penn State is its own country now and will now be in the you heard it here first on the Nitty Blues podcast. But that’s Canada really exciting for him and really exciting for him. And I think he’s going to do some big and like, he just looked unstoppable at the NCAA level. So I think it’ll be almost interesting to see a higher level of competition and how he’s able to handle yeah.

Andrew Burd [00:54:12]:

I mean, Penn State has now a pretty good streak of putting guys into good positions going into the next level of wrestling. I mean, all you have to do is look at all the guys who are in the Nitney Line Wrestling Club. I mean, David Taylor being the prime example, olympic gold medalist, world champion, all of those different I mean, you have like, Jason Nolf and Zayn Rutherford. I mean, there’s just such a long laundry list of names, and I think that Roman Bravo Young is well situated to kind of continue that strong tradition. It’ll be interesting to see kind of how he stacks up against our guys at the same weight class, because with the way things are now with the Nitney Line Wrestling Club, there’s like a half decent chance that he’s going to be wrestling against another guy who comes from Penn State. So I think it’s just adds a little bit of intrigue to the whole situation.

Vince Fadale [00:55:19]:

Yeah. I’m so excited and even following other Penn State athletes because I know you’re going to have more of them in the Olympics. So it’s going to be really exciting to see how they do representing Team USA. So it’s kind of one of those things where it’s almost crazy that the Olympics is only one year away because we had the whole COVID year and it got postponed a year. So it does feel like this Olympics is coming up in quite a hurry.

Andrew Burd [00:55:48]:

Yeah, absolutely. So here’s a fun little hypothetical scenario for you. What current athlete, or maybe just like athlete from the past, like five years who did not play an Olympic sport at Penn State, do you think would have the best chance at meddling in a specific event? And what event would that be?

Vince Fadale [00:56:12]:

That’s a good question. So am I allowed to pick a track athlete, for example?

Andrew Burd [00:56:18]:


Vince Fadale [00:56:19]:

So any athlete who would oh, so it has to be someone a non Olympic sport.

Andrew Burd [00:56:25]:

Yeah. So think like football.

Vince Fadale [00:56:26]:

Football. You’re pretty much football, because just about all the other sports are in the Olympics at that point.

Andrew Burd [00:56:32]:

Yeah, I guess that is true. Yeah, that is true. Is lacrosse in the Olympics?

Vince Fadale [00:56:36]:

Lacrosse is not okay.

Andrew Burd [00:56:39]:

But most rest are.

Vince Fadale [00:56:42]:

Yeah, it is tough.

Andrew Burd [00:56:44]:

Yeah. I’ve got one for you.

Vince Fadale [00:56:48]:

I don’t know, maybe Troy Apki had a really good 40, so maybe he would do well in the sprints.

Andrew Burd [00:56:54]:

Got you.

Vince Fadale [00:56:55]:

I think that would probably be your best pathway.

Andrew Burd [00:57:02]:

I would, so and you can also extend this past track and field, too. So it could be any sport in the Olympics.

Vince Fadale [00:57:12]:

Yeah. Who knows? Maybe like Saquon Barkley is really good at table tennis. Maybe medal in that.

Andrew Burd [00:57:20]:

Nice. You want to know what my guess is? It would be Micah Parsons in Rugby.

Vince Fadale [00:57:26]:

Oh, he’d be a great rugby player. Yeah.

Andrew Burd [00:57:31]:

He has the background of also being a running back in addition to being just a wrecking ball of a defensive end in high school. So he’s used to carrying the rock. He knows what he’s doing there and obviously he’s just like a hulk of a human being. So that’s my vote.

Vince Fadale [00:57:51]:

Yeah, that’s excellent. I think that’s a really good rugby is really fun to watch, especially the Rugby Sevens. The games are relatively short, but it’s really fast paced. They’re always moving and I really enjoy watching the Rugby Seven, so that’s definitely one of the sports I’ll be looking forward to.

Andrew Burd [00:58:10]:

Awesome. So what other news bites do you have? I got something here for going back to basketball here real quickly and I want to know because you’re more knowledgeable about basketball than I am with specific terminology and deals and whatnot, but Andrew Funk is going to be extending his stay with the Denver Nuggets. He had a pretty good showing recently in his latest summer league minutes, including a couple of highlights that were really cool with Jalen Pickett throwing him the ball and him knocking down some of those NBA depth threes. So that was really neat. And he signed an exhibit ten contract with the Denver Nuggets. So can you help me understand what that means?

Vince Fadale [00:58:54]:

Yeah, so I actually did need to do some research for this as well. Yeah, I’m not that advanced in terms of the basketball contracts in the NBA, but got it pretty much what an Exhibit Ten contract is. It’s a one year contract and it’s pretty much like minimum wage for the NBA, so that’s the lowest amount that they can pay you now. I’m sure it’s probably like $100,000 or something, but the fact that he was able to make the roster from where he was made me really pumped because the first two games, I think he was like four from three. He just didn’t get that many minutes, didn’t knock down his shots, and that’s part of being a three point shooter. And then there was a game where he didn’t get any minutes and he didn’t see the floor. But then that one game where he got a lot of minutes, he really shined and I think he knocked down about over 40% of his threes, if my memory serves me correctly. So the fact that he had such a good showing and I think he had 14 points, that game really exciting. He really got to display his talents and could show the NBA what he could do. Now we knew that all along. We knew he could do that at that level, but it’s another thing to prove it to NBA executives who have to make tough decisions. So the fact that he was able to earn that spot really exciting for him. He’ll get to play with his teammate, Jalen Pickett. They’re going to have good game chemistry. Pick has been awesome this preseason. I think he’s averaged like over twelve points per game, over five rebounds, five assists.

Andrew Burd [01:00:32]:

That’s wild.

Vince Fadale [01:00:34]:

I think he’s averaged over a block and a steal per game as well. Which they’re pretty difficult to get when you’re going against NBA guys. And I think his turnovers have been around, like, only one per game, so he’s doing a really great job at the point guard position. When you’re having a five to one assisted turnover ratio, that’s really good. So, yeah, picks doing an awesome job. Lundy is doing really well. He’s been knocking down over 40% of his threes as well. I think he’s around 41% last time I checked, and anything over 40 is really good for an NBA player. Once you hit that 40% mark, that shows that you’re pretty much a legit shooter to be reckoned. Really, really awesome to see good things going on for the Nittany Lions. Unfortunately, Lamar Stevens did get waived from the Antonio Spurs, so not all rainbows and unicorns, but Lamar Stevens is a really good player, and I expect him to find a home somewhere in the NBA.

Andrew Burd [01:01:41]:

Right? Yeah. That’s a bummer. I mean, he was having a pretty good run with the Cavs, too. I mean, he seemed to be kind of gaining a nice following there. Fans really seemed to gravitate him, which, I mean, we knew that they yeah, I mean, overall, though, I mean, just happy for our newest crop of Nitney Lions to go out there, especially Jalen Pickett, man. I mean, just an absolute legend coming in, booty ball, all American, like, just doing his thing.

Vince Fadale [01:02:13]:

Yeah, that was, you know, another program I could see coming up on the rise know, Penn State baseball with the new coaching hire. They got Adam Sassir from Wake Forest. Wake Forest is a real powerhouse program in terms of NCAA baseball. I think they were ranked I believe, if my memory served me correctly, they were ranked in the top four, and I think they were like a one seed. They ended up getting upset in the College World Series. But the fact that we’re getting a player from that type of program I think is really exciting and worth mentioning. Yeah.

Andrew Burd [01:02:52]:

100%. Pat Kraft seems to have made the right call here with the new coach. With the old coach going into retirement, we speculated last pod about a preexisting relationship that Kraft might have had with Gambino, with them both previously being at Boston College. But, yeah, I 100% agree with you. Wake Forest and baseball programs of that caliber, they don’t miss on players. This guy is almost guaranteed to be good, so I think that’s exciting. Obviously, he has lofty goals for Penn State baseball, and I think that’s just what you want to see out of your coaches at any program, regardless of sport. You just want to have guys and gals out there who just want to play at the highest level, who want to compete for championships, whether it’s at the conference or the national level, and that’s what we’re getting here.

Vince Fadale [01:03:48]:

Yeah. And that’s exciting. I love everything he said and how he said it. Penn State baseball, they were kind of good, not great. I think they won over half their, you know, kind of a little above average. So the fact that we’re getting a guy in here with that kind of mentality who is showing, hey, we’re getting the World Series, anything not in the college World Series is a failure. That’s what we’re going for. And really trying to attract that kind of talent, I think speaks volumes. And I think he’s going know have a nice tenure here in Happy Valley.

Andrew Burd [01:04:26]:

Yep, agreed. So you got anything else on your plate, Vince? Or should we call this a pod?

Vince Fadale [01:04:33]:

Yeah, I think we’re good to wrap it up. One last thing I found interesting. Hunter Dickinson, former Michigan Wolverine this will be a fun little jaunt poke at Michigan before we head out, but he says unquote, I feel like Michigan is like a fake Midwest. Kansas is actually like a Midwest town. And he went on to say that fans are nicer and this is like before the college basketball season has even started and he hasn’t had a bad game in the Kansas uniform. They haven’t seen him play, so he doesn’t know how they’re going to react to him. And what are your thoughts on these comments made before the season has even started?

Andrew Burd [01:05:23]:

I think it’s hilarious that he’s just gone completely scorched earth with these comments about, like, having been so successful at that program, to the point where he undoubtedly had so many people not only reaching out to him on Twitter and social media, but coming up to him in person and being, hey, like, you should stay. We love you and stuff. Like, I mean, he must have just gotten so much backlash from making this move to Kansas to the point where he’s just like, screw just I’m not holding it in. Like, you’ve earned all of this scathing that I’m about to give you and stuff like that. So I just think that’s hilarious and it’s like, you mean this is before college basketball has even happened? Like people in Kansas must really be nice if they’re treating him like royalty already, I guess.

Vince Fadale [01:06:24]:

Yeah, and that’s the thing. Hunter Dickinson I don’t think anyone in the Michigan fan base disliked him until after he left. I feel like he was universally loved and great player, had a lot of success and just kind of left for more money, which is kind of understandable in this nil right now. It is we live in. So it’s just it’s again, kind of like Penn State losing players with nil and know college sports is becoming more and more a business, especially for football and men’s basketball. So that is what it is. And I’m sure the people in Kansas are also nice and when you go there for basketball, you’re treated like royalty. I’d expect nothing less from the fans. But in I, they’re more of a football and hockey. You know, the fact that he’s just saying this stuff in the offseason is just kind of hysterical to like I don’t know. Now he has to be if he can’t say anything mean now to Kansas fans if they’re giving him a hard time about something. And then he’s like, oh, now our fans aren’t that great. He’s like, our fans aren’t trusting us. Or like he’s kind of just kind of went out there on a limb before.

Andrew Burd [01:07:51]:

Not only has he locked himself into that position, now he can’t walk back his comments about like he can’t say a good thing about them now because then it would just seem disingenuous. He has to maintain this. No. Michigan and Arbor and all their fans, like, he has to stay on this path now, which just makes it even funnier.

Vince Fadale [01:08:15]:

Yeah, it is great. But Hunter Dickinson, we’re not going to argue with you. We also are not huge fans of the Michigan fan base here. That’s right. Podcast.

Andrew Burd [01:08:27]:

That’s good. So I think we can wrap it up here. I’ll let you put a bow on things here in a second, Vince. I just want to continue to say thank you all for the continued love and support. You can continue to support the show by checking out our merch at shop. Netneyblues.com. Feel free to reach out to us with your comments, feedback, and predictions for the upcoming football season. We want to incorporate other fans, community predictions for these game previews and reactions and stuff like that. So we want to get you all involved. Reach out to us by going to nitneyblues.com or by emailing Nitneybluespod@gmail.com. So please get in contact with us. We’d really like to get you all involved. But Vince, I will let you take it on home.

Vince Fadale [01:09:13]:

Yeah. If you’d like to support the Pod, please tell your friends. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you enjoyed the show, please leave a five star review. So other Netney line fans like you can find us interested in new episodes. You can subscribe on Spotify, Apple podcasts, google podcasts, or other streaming platforms to be notified. Thank you for listening and we want to remind you that we are the Nittany Blues podcast.

Andrew Burd [01:09:37]:

See you next time.

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