Episode 93: Who Does A.I. Think Is the Greatest Penn State Quarterback of All Time?

We’ve asked ChatGPT who it thinks is the greatest Penn State running back of all time. But who does it think is the greatest quarterback in program history? In this episode, we answer that question. We also discuss history for the Nittany Lions in the NBA Draft, football recruiting news, and runny Reddit stories. WE ARE!


00:02:01 Ironman competition in Happy Valley.

00:13:19 Pressure on Coach Rhoades to recruit top players.

00:17:09 Penn State gets commitment from guard Jahvin Carter.

00:32:17 Depth at wide receiver brings optimism.

00:35:19 Competition for starting positions remains uncertain.

00:41:20 Subreddit r/CFB: stories and interactions with coaches. Urban Meyer and Bo Polini infamous. Positive interactions with James Franklin.

00:50:03 AI picks greatest Penn state QB.


Andrew Burd [00:00:03]:

What’s up, Penn State fans? Welcome back to the Nittany Blues podcast. Glad to have you all here with us, and Vince, it’s good to see you, man. How are you doing?

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Vince Fadale [00:00:10]:

I’m doing well. Currently, it is race week. We have Ironman 70.3 Happy Valley. So in it’s Tuesday. So in 5 days, I’ll be crossing the fifty yard line at the finish line in Beaver Stadium, something that I’m super hyped to do. Been putting in a lot of a hard training over the past, you know, 12 months or so or, you know, pretty much it’s constantly nonstop with me, but, you know, putting in the work and now kinda get just keeping it chill for the week and kind of containing the beast until Sunday.

Andrew Burd [00:00:47]:

Yeah. Very good. So is there gonna be any kind of, like, pen state football connection with this race. Like, is James Franklin gonna be there at the at the finish line giving you all high fives or anything like that?

Vince Fadale [00:01:01]:

That would be really cool. And they haven’t, like, gone out and said anything like that specifically, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were, like, you know, Penn State players out there or, like, student athletes volunteering, you know, if they’re if they’re back in, you know, state college for, you know, kind of this, like, OTAs and and things like that. So I think if they’re there for, you know, summer conditioning, you might see some student athletes out there, which I think would be you know, really cool and really looking forward to. It’s a great chorus, Penn State. It’s a beautiful campus. I’m really looking forward to, you know, going through there and I’m looking to hopefully drop a fast run course time because I think this is elevation wise. It might not be the flattest, but it Penn State is a really flat campus, so there’s not too many hills. So I’m hoping I can rip down a a a nice PR in the in the runport on the course. Gotcha.

Andrew Burd [00:01:54]:

So walk us through the course, like, where you’re gonna be heading around campus and the downtown area.

Vince Fadale [00:02:01]:

Yeah. So, well, I guess, we’ll start off at the swim. That’s in Bald Eagle State Park at I think it’s Joseph Joseph Fowler Lake. And then we’re gonna bike east actually to start towards Millhall, which is close to Law cave, and then we’re gonna kinda, you know, bike by Jacksonville Road there heading west, and then we go over a not really a mountain, in my opinion. It’s for me, it only gets steep in the last couple hundred meters. So going over Huebler’s Ridge, down that road, taking 60 route 64, west, and then we’re going pretty much to Pleasant gap before we go up Center Hall Mountain, which that is a real climb, actually. That’s a about a three mile climb, then we’ll be descending into center hall, hanging it right, sharp right, going to Valley Road, which I I do ride a lot. So there’d be some familiar roads to the finish that takes us to Lemont. And then we’re going to head to Atherton Street, and then hanger right. And one, like, lot nice little kick in the nuts. We have to, like, bike from South Allerton Street UP University. You have to be verstadium. So, like — Okay. Just when you’re done, it’s like, oh, here’s a few more miles of climbing. So I think I think just because of, you know, where it is, I think that’s gonna be the hardest because Hubler’s Ridge is, like, probably, like, twenty miles into the course 20, twenty five miles, and then Center Hall is a little farther, but, you know, it’s gonna be the hardest climb of the day. But then, like, right at the end, when you’re not expecting it, like, those are the ones that that get you, and it doesn’t matter. Like, you’re gonna beleaguered at Mongo 53 in the bike no matter what. So, you know, nice little grind. And then for the run course, you’re gonna be going out curtain. Then you’re gonna take a left. I think it’s it’s like Bigler or Elm Street, and you’re going, like, zigzagging through some of the dorms, and then you’re heading on Pollock Road all the way out past the IST building, kinda to, like, the blue course, you know, golf path there. So, like, you’re running to, like, that gravel section and then turning around there to short ledge, then we go up short ledge mountain from it’s not the whole shortage mountain, but we are going from Pollock up to Curt back to curtain. So that’s, like, pretty much the biggest run climb of the day, which isn’t bad at all in my opinion based off of some courses I’ve done. So then you’ll hang the left to the line shrine and then come back all the way to Beaver Stadium. That straight that’s a nice straight line area. So, like, really flat straight line. You can get a really great rhythm. So hoping to do that. And then, you know, Gotta do it twice, not just once, but twice to get that half marathon distance. And then second time, instead of, you know, turning around, you hang a left and head through the tunnel, and then I’ll be finishing on the fifty yard line at Beaver Stadium.

Andrew Burd [00:05:09]:

Sweet. No. That’s awesome. So Well, at the very least, I’m glad that you’re you’re certainly not gonna get lost. It seems like you’ve got that kind of, like, locked up in the vault where you’re supposed to be going. So I think that you’re you’re in good shape. Yeah. And I know that you’ve been training like an animal for this one. So you know, I’m excited for you, and I think everybody else will be too. So looking forward to hearing next week how how that goes. So, like, are you so you know, I’m just, like, super ignorant with this kind of stuff. So are you gonna be part of, like, some division or something like that to kind of compete against other racers, or are you just kind of all in a singular group?

Vince Fadale [00:05:49]:

Yeah. So looking for the athlete guide, I wasn’t 100% sure to to figure out how it will be. They do have, like, age groups within 5 years, so I have aged up this year. I’m now in the thirty to thirty four year old age group. Yeah. So they go, like, 18 to 24 and then have 5 year increments from there till you get to the oldest age. It’s just probably, like, 80 plus or something. So, yeah, pretty much, like, they’ll have, like, top 5 age group awards, and then they have x amount of slot for the world championships, and they allocate at least one slot to every age group. And then the the kind of the extras and the leftovers, go to, you know, the one with the most people. So I I would say probably the most slots are kinda between your, like, thirties and forties because that’s, like, the age where it’s most competitive and most people are doing, like, half ironmans and ironmans and Right. And that kind of, you know, distance of triathlon because, you know, you have enough years where you can build up the strength and the endurance. But, also, once you’re kinda hitting, you know, like, 50 and older, it it becomes harder to, you know, keep up with that level of exercise that, you know, difficulty. So your your biggest age group is, like, your middle aged people, you know, thirties and forties. So I think that’s, you know, So there would be more slots. If I get 1, I probably won’t take one because the price is, like, double. So I would have to pay a $1000 that day to secure my slot to the World Championship in Finland. It’s in Lotty, Finland this year. — god. Alright. So then till I, like, get a flight and pay for hotels and stuff, like, I’m just like, man, that is and getting my bike there and all my stuff. I’m like, man, that just sounds like a the biggest hassle on. My my big goal was to qualify for the World Championship in 27 teen, which I did when I was in the 18 to 24 age group, which was only, like, twenty seven people. So we only had one spot available, but I finished 1st place out of the 27 people that did it. So I got to, you know, go to the world championship, you know, because I was in one of the easier age groups. Yeah. You could because a lot of these age groups have, like, hundred people. Like, it’s hundreds of people. So there’s gonna be about 2700 people in race. So it’s gonna be a really, really big event and really exciting. A lot of people from our community are doing it. I know a lot of people are traveling from out of town who know, had roots to, you know, State College or the, you know, Penn State community who are coming back, you know, just for this race. So it’s gonna be an awesome day looking forward to, you know, seeing people in my community and then people who are, you know, coming back and and visiting. So that’d be a a great day overall. And maybe we can get some fan engagement as well. So maybe we’ll put out a social media post, and we can see what celebration I can do on the fifty yard line. Maybe I’ll do the the Trace Mixerley home run. I could do the — Yeah. — take on Barclay crazy arms. I could do the Joey Porter Junior Law lockdown you. No fly zone. So, yeah, maybe we’ll have to put up a poll on our social media and let let the let the fans decide what my

Andrew Burd [00:09:09]:

finishing celebration should be. Yeah. I mean, personally, my vote will be for the home run celebration by trace. I mean, that’s just timeless. So that’ll be awesome. Certainly sounds like a lot more than my one off tennis match or game of pickleball that I like to participate in. So, you know, I’ll let I’ll let the hard, you know, physical exertion things to you. But, nah, that’s that’s super exciting, man. I’m I’m I’m excited for you. anything else you got on that, or do you wanna chat some penn state football and basketball?

Vince Fadale [00:09:42]:

Yeah. I’m I’m ready for some penn state stuff. I’m sure our listeners are too if they’re not invested in my Ironman endeavor. So yeah. Let’s get on to our — Yeah. I mean, we we had our, like, hey. We’re we’re spontaneously a track and field, and Iron Man podcast, but it still ties to Penn State. So we’re not we’re not off topic here. Yeah. Yeah. It is a big deal. Like, having an Ironman in in state college is really really big deal. It’s great for our community. Gonna bring a you know, it’s gonna be really good for the economy, people coming in, you know, staying at hotels, going to restaurants. Like, that’s it’s gonna be really big, and I I hope we get, like, more stuff like this in in the state college area. Absolutely.

Andrew Burd [00:10:21]:

It’s cool. do you wanna start with between football and basketball? Choice is yours.

Vince Fadale [00:10:26]:

Oh, we have to go we have to go basketball. I know we’re usually a football first podcast, but there was some history for Penn State Basketball made on Thursday night during the NBA draft. with pick number 32, your, you know, 2023 NBA champions selected Jalen Pickett. So he is going to be joining Nikola Jokic and Calvin Booth you know, at some at the Mile High Club in or I guess, Mile High City in Denver. So So, yeah, another guy who’s joining him as an undrafted free agent. He signed a summer league contract, so you’re gonna see Andrew Funk there. I’m sure he’s gonna be knocking down some threes. I don’t anticipate the alpha to throwing him off much. So yeah. sure he’s gonna be up there. And then with the 46th overall pick, the Atlanta Hawks selected Seth Lundy. So he’s gonna be heading to the ALT to to join a Trae Young company Man, that that group is gonna have some really good floor spacing. Trae Young can really knock it down from DB. He’s he’s hitting Lowe’s from the 3 kinda one of the few people that, you know, can do that in the NBA. And then when you have Seth Lundie’s range on top of that, I think that’s gonna open up driving lanes for you know, other players on the hawks who can, you know, take it to the rack. So I think that’s a really nice addition that both the nuggets and The Atlanta Hawks made to their rosters.

Andrew Burd [00:11:57]:

Yeah. 100%. And, you know, this was nothing short of monumental for Penn State to have two guys in the first time in program history get selected in the NBA draft regardless of round. So that’s huge in of itself. And I think that it’s a really nice notch in some of the recent success that PennSafe Basketball has had, you know, after the craziness of Shrew’s various departure, taking, you know, some careful decision making to come up with Mike Rhodes, you know, an accomplished and an established guy. And people still were like, okay. Like, where do we go from here? Then all the dominoes have fallen with the transfer portal guy coming in. We finally have another roster that we can talk about and get excited about. And now you have a really cool thing happen where 2 guys get selected in the draft, you know, that’s certainly not gonna be bad for recruiting. It’s not bad for the program to kinda shed shed a light on, you know, those 2 guys and their individual accomplishments. But it’s something that, you know, that the program can really kind of lean into, you know, like, similar to how football, you know, when they won the Big Ten championship and when they won the rose bowl this past off or this past season and whatnot. Like, that’s the kind of stuff that they can really, like, build upon. So even though those two guys are going to the next level and, obviously, they’re not coming back, but it’s just something that can just be like a like a mental lift.

Vince Fadale [00:13:19]:

Yeah. And for for me, it’s I I think this actually more puts a lot of pressure on Mike Rhodes. Mhmm. because I think you’re you’re recruits in high school are gonna be like, oh, that was Streetsbury’s doing. And you know, they’re not gonna care necessarily too much. But, you know, I I do think, you know, you know, Mike Rhodes has sent guys from ICU to the NBA. and BCU, they’re not, like, a Power 5 conference. So they’re not gonna necessarily always get the best players. They’re not like a Gonzaga or a Villanova either. So, like, it you know, definitely a basketball school, but, like, not towards the, you know, very top of the top. They had that great final 4 run But, you know, they’re not going that deep, like, every single year. They’re not at the level of, like, a Yukon or a Villanova or a Gonzaga. So, you know, I I do think there is a lot of pressure on him, but if he does it right in those 1st 2 years like Mikea Schrewsberry does, Man, you are gonna see Penstate just explode in terms of, you know, being a basketball school because he’s here for 7 years. Yep. They they they they made sure they were not making that same mistake twice like they did with Michael Shrewsbury. So he is here for 7 years. if he gets it right, those you know, if he can get to even remotely close, even just getting to the NCAA tournament, like MicroStrsbury did by year 2, I think that’s kind of your big goal. By getting there to the NCAA tournament by year 2 or year 3, then you’re gonna see penn state take off. So I think that’s definitely puts a lot of pressure on coach roads, but I think You know, he he knows what he’s doing, and I I think he’ll get the most talent out of his players. And, you know, really up to the you know, players to, you know, really execute and, you know, putting the work and, you know, coaches, you know, coaching them up and, you know, giving the putting them in good situations and You know, I think it can be a really good situation for Penn State basketball.

Andrew Burd [00:15:19]:

Yep. Yeah. 100% agreed. I think as we’ve said so many times, it’s really just a gotta wait and see situation because, you know, we’ve talked so much about what this group of players could be. We have no idea what to expect because basically none of these players have ever played with each other before. nittany level. So this is just gonna be a whole new experience for all of us. Probably gonna be some growing pains along the way, but We’ll get through it, and we will support our guys nonetheless. But speaking of putting in the work, you know, not only are the players gonna have to put in the work, but also the coaching staff can’t take any days off. That also includes movement on the recruiting trail. So Obviously, the big the biggest news in the last couple of weeks was the addition of the last roster spot with the transfer from North Carolina, but Mike Rhoads And Company have added a new 2024 recruit this time out of high school. we’re not getting guys out of the transfer portal anymore solely. We have finally added a new recruit out of high school. in guard Javan Carter who is joining the 2024 class. He chose Penn State over Georgia Tech And Middle Tennessee State University. He’s originally from Tennessee. So, you know, Mike Rhodes starting to build a little bit of, you know, just his foundation players that he’s gonna be bringing into Penn State. So I don’t really know too much about Javan. I’m not, you know, super in tune with high school basketball recruiting in general. But do you know anything about this kid, Vince? Like, are you excited about him?

Vince Fadale [00:16:56]:

Yeah. I I think with a with a Jaden Carter, I think it’s You know, it’s it is definitely a a wait and see. I did he was listed as a combo guard. 62

Andrew Burd [00:17:08]:


Vince Fadale [00:17:09]:

I watched a little bit of his his junior film and highlights. What what I saw was he was able to, you know, dribble penetrate, and he was in his highlights. He did a nice job of finishing through contact. which is good. So, you know, a lot of those and ones. When I was reading the article about him, they did say there was a a separate video of kinda, like, you know, 3 point shooting highlights. But, again, that’s at the the high school level. And — Mhmm. — I I see I I see the situation where his only other offers are, you know, Middle Tennessee and Georgia Tech So it does make me a little bit surprised that he kinda came into this early. You know, like, we’re seeing with you know, guys in the football team there, some of them are committing and then decommitting 2 weeks later. So — That’s true. — it could change if he has a a good senior season. And, you know, NIL can play into that as we, you know, both know the hard way You know, NIL can be, you know, rough if it’s not if you’re not putting in the work and, you know, your investments. So, you know, that can change. But maybe you know, this is our basketball’s version of Ethan Grenkemeier. Like, maybe he’ll turn out to be really good. Yep. Yep. I’m not seeing anything, like, crazy where I’m like, wow. This kid’s amazing. He’s gonna do x, y, and z. He’s gonna be the next Helen Pickett. Not seeing that, but, like, at the high school level, he’s doing a nice job of, you know, dribble penetrating and even getting around double teams at times and kinda getting out of it and, you know, finishing through contact, which is which is good. And that’s something you need to be able to do at the you know, at the college level where, you know, the game’s a little more physical. So, you know, again, I think he can be a a really nice player. I think he can, you know, try to compete for those spots and You know? Well, time will tell if it’s a good fit. And — Yeah. — you know, I think yeah. I’m I’m definitely getting Mike Rhodes, the benefit of the doubt. Like, I think he’s definitely one of the the better basketball minds. And, you know, Penn State is not a blue blue blood basketball program. Like, it is in football. So, you know, Mike Rhodes is gonna kinda have to find more of these diamonds in the rough. So — Mhmm. — if he is, that’s great. And we’re gonna, like, remember, we have to remember, we gotta give microbes all the credit for this because he’s the guy laying down the foundation here.

Andrew Burd [00:19:42]:

Yeah. Absolutely. I like what you said too about, you know, some similarities to the football team and their recruiting efforts. And, you know, on top of Ethan Grunkemeyer kinda becoming a pleasant surprise on recruiting trail. It’s important to note that Drew Aller was a lot like that too. When Penn State first offered him, He was, like, a borderline, like, 3 star player, probably, like, a low end 4 star. It was his senior season when he just exploded in terms of his productivity and his upside and all that stuff that just catapulted him to a high end 5 star and then he had all the teams like Ohio State knocking on his door and offering him. So I think there is, like, a little, you know, something to be said about like, kind of finding these guys, going through, you know, all the checkboxes with your evaluation and offering them early to give them a chance to, like, come and see Penn’s date and to make that commitment. Because, you know, while you will have guys who ultimately decide to decommit, maybe open up their recruitment, go elsewhere because of x, y, z factors, there is also kind of that loyalty element to it. Because Drew Aller and his parents both kinda said, like, You know, we stuck with Penn State because they believed in us from the get go. You know? Like, we we felt comfortable with them. They believed in our son So we ultimately decided to, like, stay where we thought Drew had, you know, kind of the best situation in front of him. So I think there there’s the possibility of that as well. I mean, all this is speculation at this point because we’re talking about something playing out over the next 2 years, basically.

Vince Fadale [00:21:18]:

But, you know, there is kind of that that possibility in there as well. Yeah. And that was the point I was actually just about to add on. You know, if if I’m putting myself in, you know, the you know, being an athlete, you know, myself. And if, like, oh, if this university, you know, offers me a scholarship, my junior year after And I’ve been working really hard. And then, you know, senior year, I kinda break out out of nowhere, and then I’m getting, like, oh, all these kind of other schools climbing out of the woodwork and be like, oh, like, you know, look at this guy, and I’m like, this has been me the whole time. And you just ignored it. So, like, especially, you know, I I guess track and feel is, you know, a little different because, you know, times are times on the track. like, you know, weather conditions can play a factor, but, like, if you’re, like, talking indoor track and field, like, not much going on there. you know, the distance is the distance. But, like, in terms of, you know, these team sports, like, you know, football and basketball, a lot of it’s, you know, very subjective, and you you’re looking at film and trying to project what they can do at the next level. And — Yep. — you know, if this guy, you know, gets a power 5 offer and, you know, Penn State’s favor and they show faith in him right away, like, I definitely don’t think it hurts the chances of the the player going to your your university. So you better get them early than to try to get them too late.

Andrew Burd [00:22:40]:

Good stuff. Yeah. We’re agreed.

Vince Fadale [00:22:42]:

Oh, so little little correction from podcast last week. So my my friend who Alright. My coworker who has John Harris one of John Harris’s backpacks, his uncle, I think I said his the jersey he had that was signed was it, like, a Taylor battle jersey. Right. So fun fact, that that jersey, the correction here, he actually has a signed Calvin Booth jersey that he sometimes wears basketball games. And he says it’s really funny because it’s, like, a game worn jersey and, like, Calvin Boots, like, you know, power forward center. So he’s, like, a foot taller than his uncle. So, like, His uncle’s wearing this jersey, and then, like, I’m just imagining, like, that there is the t shirt going down to, like, his knees just because this is Calvin Hughes. really tall. So I think that was a kind of a a fun correction I think that needed to be made since, you know, Calvin Boot just brought home a you know, NBA finals title to the to the Denver Nuggets. So I think that was a a big correction that needed to be made and Makes makes the story even better than, like, having battle probably. So — I would agree. Yeah. Especially, you know, not only did he win a championship, but he’s also bringing in former Nittany Lions to his team. So the connections run deep. Yeah. And, actually, like, kinda one more thing I wanted to add here here in here that I forgot. Jaylen Nittany kind of a funny story in the draft that I’ll get through here. The Lakers were up at Pick 17. And I’m like, alright. Jaylen, pick it going here because I I thought, you know, him and Seth would both have a really good chance to go in the 1st round based off of where I kinda project them heading into the NBA. I’m just from covering them so much. And I was like, Daniel, pick it. And, like, I’m I was like, I’m calling it here. And then, like, when they read the pic, they’re like, Jaylen, I was like, yeah. And they’re like, put Chafino. Yeah. I live in Indiana. And I was like, oh, dang it. And then it was kind of a fun fact watching the NBA draft, and they’re like, oh, like, Jalen Hoochfino’s mom is a, you know, basketball star too playing at Law Haven University. And, like, they just said it on ESPN, like, oh, everyone knows at Law Haven University. Yeah. Seriously. Just nonchalantly. I I was like, wait. What? Like, I went to lock him, and I didn’t even know, like, you know, who his mom was or anything. So, like, It’s definitely cool to see, you know, the haven get a shout out, you know, on NBA draft night. But, you know and looking at Pickett and and Lundie, When you’re looking at a lot of these guys getting drafted, a lot of them are nineteen years old. So at the top of the draft, they’re just taking guys that they there are no there are no rush to win an NBA title. So those teams are They wanna get young. They wanna get young, and they wanna get guys who have the talent but might need development. So they’re looking for, like, athleticism, and, like, tools. That’s all they’re looking for. They’re not looking for guys who are ready right now, and especially in in pick situation where he’s at pick 32. He’s automatically a first rounder if he’s, like, 19 or 20. Right. Like, he’s he’s getting there quick, and even if that hurts Lundy being, you know, twenty two years old, I believe he is. So that that hurts him even just doing his 4 years in college. So You know, I I think that those guys are going to be studs at the NBA level, and I I think the reason why they kinda moved down to the second round was purely because of age. Because, you know, once you’re getting over 30, your your game is probably gonna start to decline in the NBA, and when you get draft picks, especially ones that are that high, especially with teams here, are aren’t very good and aren’t ready to win an NBA championship, you know, the they’re gonna take the the young guys nine times out of 10 unless the the guy is way way better, and it’s like, not, like, a 1 or 2 year difference. Like so, you know, I think, you know, age is really the only factor that hurts And I I think that it’s gonna put them in positions to be really successful. I think pick is gonna do a nice job filling that backup point guard rule. behind Jamal Murray on the nuggets. So I think that’ll be a good role for him, and they might even be able to share the court potentially. Again, I don’t I don’t cover the the Denver Nuggets. So, like, I’m not an expert by any means of you know, how their team operates. But, you know, Jaylen does need to improve his 3 ball a little bit, especially with that m you know, MBA range. She needs to get more consistent. He does have a, you know, pretty solid stroke, but right now, his best game is those midrange pull up jumpers, and you know, backing down smaller guards, which I don’t think he’s gonna be able to do quite as much in the NBA because the can he’s gonna be playing against lot more players that are his size. And then, you know, Seth, I think he’s just gonna he’s gonna fit like a glove. Like, he’s just gonna go right in there. knocked down threes, play a good defense. He’s 66, but he has a 610 wingspan. So, you know, that’s a really important factor. And playing basketball against people with, like, long arms is, like, the most annoying thing in the world because usually they can still move pretty well because they’re, sorter, but then their arms, it just it just drops everything you do trying to, you know, shoot or pass or, you know, get by the person. So That’s a those are some obstacles that, you know, other NBA players are gonna have to try to get through when they play against Seth Lundi. You know, he’s gonna be he’s gonna be a really good player. Yeah. I I certainly hope so. It’d be awesome to see,

Andrew Burd [00:28:17]:

like, a really cool impact player in the NBA from Penn State.

Vince Fadale [00:28:22]:

Yeah. He he’s gonna be big time. Yeah. That’s one thing I can and I’d be willing to bet bet money that he has a nice long career in the NBA. Maybe like a maybe like a Danny Green type role. Yep. Something similar to that. It, like, plays really good defense, knocks down a lot of threes. You know, that’s that’s that’s the role I see him doing and doing really well.

Andrew Burd [00:28:43]:

Gotcha. So between the two guys, who would you put money on to win an NBA title first?

Vince Fadale [00:28:51]:

That’s a good question. I’m gonna go pick just because he’s on the August, and he has Jokic in there. Jokic is in his prime, you know, like, who do I think is gonna have a longer career in the NBA or, like, be more successful, I I kinda would lean towards Seth Lundy. He’s I think he’s 2 years younger, and Just having that three ball is is so important in the NBA game. And, you know, he’s got the the size and the wingspan to really disrupt defenders and really good rebounder. They both are, but, you know, Seth has a little more size. So I I I I’m definitely gonna give the edge to to Seth. But, you know, I do have confidence that Jaylen Pickett is gonna have a a nice MBA career. Expect them to be on the Nuggets for, you know, a long time, and you know, kind of a worst case scenario, be a a backup to Jamal Murray. So he’s gonna be getting 10 minutes a game and I think that’s a a role he can he’s ready for right now, and, you know, he can do really well. He’s got the age, the experience, the maturity, and you know, I think he’s ready to take care of business. Yep. Good stuff, man.

Andrew Burd [00:29:57]:

So you’re ready to chat some football?

Vince Fadale [00:29:59]:

Yeah. Let’s play a less than 2 months till the season starts. Right. Yeah. Alright. I forget how many over 2 months.

Andrew Burd [00:30:06]:

Yeah. I forget how many weeks because, you know, they’re doing, like, a countdown to it. But, yeah, it’s, like, something — I think we’re at, like, 66 or 67.

Vince Fadale [00:30:15]:

I think that’s how many days away we are. Right. Right. So

Andrew Burd [00:30:19]:

but it’s certainly not too far off, you know, until we get stories from camp and stuff like that. So we’re gonna have a lot to talk about in that regard. But until then, we do have our usual updates on the recruiting trail. So You know, one thing that’s kind of been a question mark that’s been hanging over the football program’s head on the recruiting trail in the last couple of months was the wide receiver position. because they brought in new wide receiver coach, Marcus Higgins. The they obviously had success in the transfer portal at that position bringing in Dante Cifis, who’s gonna be joining the team for this upcoming season out of Kent State. But the question kind of remained as to know, where Penn State was gonna be going for the position in the high school ranks because Penn State wasn’t doing a spectacular job of going after the guys who were kind of in their vicinity in their state. They were losing a couple of these guys to other programs, some programs all the way across the country. and things changed in a very dramatic and quick way here in the last 7 days or so. Really starting off, as we mentioned in our last pod with the addition of Ticier Denmark, the commitment flipped from Oregon to Penn State. He’s a kid out of Roman Catholic in Philadelphia. So the connection is just perfect. But on top of that, almost immediately after Denmark’s commitment, Penn State also got a commitment from Josiah Brown the wide receiver who’s the number one player out of the state of New York as well as Pierre Gonzalez. And Gonzales is a fun addition because his dad played quarterback at Pittsburgh. So he overcame the pit legacy collection or the pit legacy connection decided to come and play a wide receiver for the Nittany lions. So Penn State’s building itself quite a nice little nest egg here at the wide receiver position.

Vince Fadale [00:32:17]:

Yeah. I do think it’s a little funny because I remember bringing up last pod that, hey. I think one area I’m kind of a little concerned about is the the wide receiver position because — Yeah. — we just I mean, we have a lot of guys who we think will be really good, but we don’t have a lot of proven guys who have worn a Penn State Jersey, and we we see have seen them consistently have success against power 5 competitions. So you see them just Coach Franklin must have listened to the pod and I’ll show you. I’ll bring all the best wide receivers in all the country. And, you know, I got, you know, ties to your Denmark, July Brown, Peter Gonzalez all in 1 week. when we expand. So I think that’s, you know, great depth. And when you give a quarterback, like Drew Aller and Ethan Kruchkemeyer coming in, those guys need wide receivers to throw to. So the fact that we’re kinda stocking stocking up on this talent and, you know, throwing all those darts at the dartboard, you know, getting a lot of high quality recruits. Chances are, some of them are gonna be studs. So I think this is really good for the program. I think it addresses an area where you know, not necessarily a weakness, but more of a a question mark. So I think they did a a really good job of you know, dung that rule. And another guy who I I kinda wanted to bring up because I saw an article, Anthony Ivy, He’s from down year in a in your area, down in Lancaster, PA and went to Manheim Township High School. He had a really good career there. He set the school record and kick off return yards. So, you know, maybe that’s a rule that he plays the season. Maybe it’ll most likely be Nick Singleton, but if a coach decides, hey. I don’t want Nick taking quite as many hits on the kickoff, maybe Anthony Ivy is a guy who can maybe compete for that role. And Coach Franklin kinda said some good things about him. So, you know, the depth is, you know, looking pretty good in in terms of wide receivers. Seems like there’s a lot of guys who are, you know, young, they’re hungry, and they’re, you know, eager to you know, show penn state football fans what they can do. Yeah. Absolutely. I think

Andrew Burd [00:34:22]:

eager and hungry are the 2 best ways to describe them. because there are you know, there’s a number of names out there that we just haven’t seen hit the field yet. You know, we have Kaden Saunders waiting in the and he was supposed you know, he’s in the next coming of KJ Hamwerk. So, you know, I and I I don’t think it’s any fault of his of his own. Penn State has just had, you know, a very solid group of wide receivers to trot out there in the last couple of seasons. I mean, we had KLS and Mitchell Tinsley and Parker Washington out there for goodness sake. I mean, it’s like, where where do you find the space? So I think that the competition, as we all know, is, like, a hallmark of Penstate’s football program. It’s what Franklin Touts all the time in his program and in his recruiting pitch. And to the parents and all that stuff is that we welcome the competition. We encourage the competition. And I think that it’s it it’d probably be hard to find a position group where that competition is as fierce as the wide receiver group.

Vince Fadale [00:35:19]:

Yeah. I think it’s kinda one of the situations where where Iron Sharpen’s Iron, and it actually means something. because there it’s not really, like, set in stone that, like, oh, this guy is gonna these are gonna be, like, the 3 guys starting at wide receiver. It’s not like you go there and running back. And if the coach tells you, like, oh, it’s gonna be a competition. Like, if you’re a young guy, I’d be like, you know, you’re not getting carries over Nick Singleton or K Tron Allen. Like, you know, it’s you know, there’s blowing smoke at that point. Or, like, if you’re a quarterback and they’re like, oh, yeah. Sure. You’re gonna compete with Drew Aller, and, you know, Drew Aller is gonna start. Like, it’s just one of those things where You know, the coach can say whatever they want, but, like, you know, in reality, it’s you’re gonna have to wait. But in in this situation, you know, there are reps to be had. Like, I would say Dante Cifis is most likely on a start just due to his success at Kent State. I think Calendary Lambert Smith has, you know, shown some good things. And then I think you’re gonna see kind of a a mix after that. Like, I would expect kinda Kaden Saunders and Amari Evans. They look good in the blue white game, but, like, it’s it’s not set in stone. Like, you know, over these 6 months, like, you know, some of those other guys might have caught up to them. And — Yep. — a lot of things can change. especially with young players who are doing things like learning the playbook. When you don’t have to think and you can just do, you move a lot faster. You know, that’s kinda what they refer to as, you know, play speed or game speed, you know, not just, you know, your your forty times. So when you know where you’re going and what you’re doing, it makes your job a lot easier. So — Yeah. I think that’s — Well put. Well put. You know, the young guys are able to kinda close the gap over, you know, the summer. So I think that’s something that, you know, that’ll be really fun to see in the fall, especially since, you know, the NCAA kinda has those rules where, you know, you know, players can play up to three games without having to burn the red shirt. So, you know, I think it’s something fun that will get see against teams like, you know, Delaware and UMass and trying to think of who the third one would be. Maybe Rutgers. Like, is that our Is that our next easiest game, Rutgers outside of —

Andrew Burd [00:37:28]:

Maybe. Yeah.

Vince Fadale [00:37:30]:

They they probably are. because it’s, yeah, kind of our 2 easy games are are should be easy games. They’re are UMass and Delaware, and then West Virginia is the 3rd out of conference. So — Mhmm. Maybe it’ll be Rutgers. Maybe it’ll be Indiana. But you you you never know what what you’re gonna get. So It’ll be good to see, you know, in those types of games, probably especially Delaware because that’s early in the season. That’ll be the game where we’re gonna actually get to see more of the the wired receiver competition.

Andrew Burd [00:38:00]:

Yeah. I was gonna say. I mean, I think that the the out of conference is gonna be really instrumental in kind of figuring out what that wide receiver depth chart is going to look like. because I think that Franklin and Karru, they know what they’re gonna be up against when, obviously, Michigan comes down and they’re gonna be going to Columbus. Like, they’re not gonna wanna have all these question marks at a position like wide receiver when they know that they’re probably gonna have to put up scores and bunches at times. So they’re gonna wanna have that position locked up as tightly as they can. So I think you’re gonna see You’re gonna see a lot of CFS and a lot of Lambert Smith just because those are the clear number 1 and 2 guys, you know, flip them either way that you want. it’s that number three spot where I think they’re gonna be waiting for a guy to just show that competency, that that confidence, and just the kinda shorthandedness. You know? We’ve, like, thankfully knock on wood, like, ten seat hasn’t been plagued by the drops of previous seasons where, you know, it just seemed like our wide receivers just couldn’t figure figure that part of the position out. You know, thankfully, they’ve gotten that out of their system in a way. But, you know, you gotta bring in that guy who, you know, kinda think back to, like, Mitchell Tinsley. Like, all the guy did was catch the ball when he was thrown his way. that’s what you need from your number 3 receiver when you have such dynamic athletes out there in the top competition in the big 10. So I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I think there like like we’ve been touting so many times in this episode alone, There’s just so much eagerness among this group to just find the field. And I think that even if some of these guys aren’t immediately thrown in as that number 3 guy, I think you’re gonna see some new faces at, like, punt return, a kick return like you had mentioned. I think there’s gonna be some different ways where these guys are gonna really be eager to show what they’re capable of.

Vince Fadale [00:39:57]:

Yeah. And and kinda one thing we didn’t mention was, like, special teams on the field. So they might be, like, gunners or, you know, trying to block punts and things of that nature. So you know, a lot of different ways that, you know, these guys can help the team. And then, you know, if there’s an injury, you know, hopefully, there’s, you know, not a drop off and it’s kinda like you just throw another guy in and, you know, you’re all set. You know? So, hopefully, you know, the team stays healthy, but you know, football’s a, you know, collision sport. It’s physically aimed injuries happened. So the fact that we do seem to kinda have this depth appearing and the wide receiver room is a a really positive thing in my opinion. Yep. Agreed.

Andrew Burd [00:40:38]:

So speaking of positive things. I have kind of like a funny little story for you or something that I’ve seen on the Internet, which caught my eye. So to kind of set us up for this. Vince, are you familiar with Reddit? Like, do you visit Reddit at all?

Vince Fadale [00:40:54]:

I’m not a a erratic guy. I’m not on the the Internet too much. Usually, if I’m kinda doing that thing where I waste a little bit of time on my phone, it’s it’s typically, like, Instagram and Facebook are are, like, reels or educational videos I watch. So not a not a big erratic guy, but I I I did see you had a fun story that we should share share with our fans. I’m a little slightly salty, but I’ll I’ll tell you why later.

Andrew Burd [00:41:20]:

Okay. Gotcha. So, yeah, on the one subreddit that I go to sometimes, it’s r/college football. And this this place is awesome. Like, it’s it’s such a mishmash of, like, different things, funny stories, and anecdotes, and little tidbits that people drop about, like, players and programs and coaches and stuff like that. It it’s really especially the most active, like, during the season because they have individual, like, game threads for, like, different things. So it was, like, super awesome to go on there after Pense won the rose bowl. But so there was this one thread that somebody had started where they asked kind of the populous of the subreddit, what was the worst interaction that you’ve had with a coach? So, basically, like, tell me your bad stories or, like, stories that, like, kind of showed this coach being a jerk and stuff like that. So couple of, you know, things that will knock off right off the bat. Urban Meijer and his family. Complete — So that’s number 1. Like — No surprise there, and it’s nice. I I know. like, multiple people mentioned Urban Meyer, so that’s number 1. Number 2, apparently, multiple people have had negative run ins with Bo Polini when he was still at Nebraska. Like, some mentions of, like, cussing people out if they, like, came near him, like, when he was running around the stadium, stuff like that. Like, the way that the guy, like, kind of framed it was like, yeah. He, like, almost, like, hit him, like, when he was running, like, Across the Street or something like that. But regardless so there was one person though who made a who left a comment which caught my eye. And he’s like, well, actually, I’ve only really only had positive interactions with coaches, and he shared a couple of his own And so in his what what’s called flair in Reddit, he was noted as like a like a Michigan state and a Michigan fan. which not exactly sure how you get that combination, but that’s besides the point. So he had said how so he’s primarily a Michigan state fan. and he said that he ran into Jim Harbaugh one time. And he said he jokingly, like, said, hey. You’re wearing the wrong colors, and but then he, like, gave me a wink and a thumbs up. And, actually, a couple people kinda said that Harball’s actually kind of like a jokey funny guy. So, you know, at least he’s not he’s not always like a like a crazy man. But He also mentioned James Franklin, and he said that it wasn’t him, but 2 of his very good friends who are huge PennSafe fans They were at the same restaurant. They stopped by to say hi to him. And I guess Franklin insisted that they, like, sit down, like, talk to him a little bit, nittany then he learned that they were getting engaged. So Franklin picked up their tab, completely paid for their dinner, took pictures with them, like, signed stuff and and whatnot. So I just thought that was, like, a cool neat little thing, and I also think that, you know, at some point, over the next year, I gotta find James Franklin and let him know that Julie and I are engaged so that he can, like, pay pay for my dinner and stuff like that. Like, the precedent has been set, Vince. I got I got to take advantage of this while I can.

Vince Fadale [00:44:31]:

Yeah. The thing I I was gonna say I was a little salty about, you know, after I I read the the story was, hey. I I was eating dinner at the the field once, and Coach Franklin didn’t pay for my dinner. Like but I think I think he was there with some some football recruits and but hey, Andrew. If you want to, you know, if you want to, I’ll give you some spots where I think he might be. I I think the field’s a very good bet. So if you and Julia are looking to, you know, share your engagement with coach Franklin and get a picture, I’m I’m sure he’d he do one. He’s he’s a nice guy. I think he definitely tries to stay away from people. Just kinda when I see him going around, he’s always on his, like, golf cart or, you know, walking fast, like, kinda because, you know, he’s a popular guy and, you know, you there’s definitely, like, some crazy people. Like, if you’re a famous, like, person like he is, you you try to avoid the crazy people, whereas, like, I feel like Mikea Struesbury, he was so awesome. Like, you know, I I was taking a picture with our Nittany Blues banner and with some of the players, and he he hopped in the picture without me even, like, asking and, you know, talked to him a little bit. you know, for a couple minutes, and he’s like, oh, I look really look forward to listening to your podcast and and, you know, things of that nature. So Yeah. I I like that. Like, he was, like, very once the the interaction with the community. So I I thought I thought that was really cool. But, yeah, I think we are you know, very fortunate as a whole and, you know, coach coach Gandhi, actually, nice. I I know him from the my experience in the track program and, you know, the him letting us run the indoor mile series is a really cool thing him to do, and I don’t think many universities do. And I’m trying to think about other ones. The basketball coach, creator, she seemed very nice. when she was at Wingfest 1 week, and she was, like, introducing herself and, you know, trying to get people excited for the women’s basketball season, the the 1st year she was coached. So You know, I think, you know, Penn State does a really good job overall of just hiring, you know, coaches that are, you know, good people and, you know, in the community too and kinda like the like the have the the interaction. So I think that’s something really cool that, you know, Penn State does the well does really well and kinda nails her as Some other programs don’t do that quite as much. They they only care about the the on the field stuff and not what they’re doing in the community.

Andrew Burd [00:46:51]:

Yeah. And to your point, you know, for what it’s worth, the two times that I’ve been, like, relatively close to James Franklin or in the same room as I’ve gotten a picture with him. So he’s and that was, like, 2 separate occasions once. It was our senior year, and we went to this. I forget what the name of the restaurant is called, but we were doing Nittanyville. And Steve Jones was doing, like, a weekly show, I think, at this one restaurant that was down off of College Avenue. And Franklin shows up every week to, like, talk to the campers and stuff like that, so he was there. I got a picture with him there. And then our I guess that would have been our also our senior season when Penn State was going to the pin straight bowl. Couple friends and I were in line at the Bryce Jordan Center to get tickets to come see it, and he, like, showed up, and he was, like, taking pictures with everybody. So me and, like, three other people have, like, a selfie with James Franklin

Vince Fadale [00:47:53]:

waiting to get pinstripe bowl tickets. So that was that was kinda neat too. But, yep, So — Yeah. I think he I think I think he is very good with, like, the selfies, but, like, I I think he’s, like, one of those people who just always looks busy. So, like, his body like, I I just never asked him for anything. Like like, you did. So, like so I’m sure if, like, if I asked him, like, maybe, but, like, his body language looked like like he was busy or had somewhere he needed to be, like, really kinda hustle and bustle on the go. So, like, I Like, when I if I get that body language from people, I’m not, like, kinda gonna be like, oh, can I get a picture? Like, I I don’t wanna bother them when they’re kinda showing off that body language. Yeah.

Andrew Burd [00:48:32]:

That’s a package for sure too. But, yeah, Strues was just, like, hanging out at a public event where people were gonna — Yeah. — say, like, if if the situation was not, he was there because he was there for the same reason as I was. I probably wouldn’t bother him either because, I mean, you see video. of him. Like, he’s just always on the move. So, like, if he was busy and he was, like, had his head down in something, like, I probably wouldn’t wanna bother him either, It was only because he was, like, there kind of for the same reason as I was. But I yeah. I get your point. But — Yeah. Yeah. So according According to Reddit, James Franklin is a cool guy.

Vince Fadale [00:49:04]:

Yes. I and, yeah, he he’s a cool guy. Like, he he he’s, like, the anti pattern Arduzi, I think. I think that’s it’s like the yin and yang of, like, you know, Pennsylvania football.

Andrew Burd [00:49:16]:

I was like, I’ve, like, I’d be curious to know what Narc Yusi’s interactions with fans are like. Because, I mean, we know what he’s like on the field. We know what he’s like with other coaches. We know what he’s like with the official but I wonder, like, what he’s like with fans. You know, I I genuinely do. So, you know, maybe maybe what I feel like trackdowns and people who have met him just to just to find out. Like, if he’s, like, as crazy as he seems on TV.

Vince Fadale [00:49:44]:

Yeah. I want to, like, track down some of our high school alumni that are also pit alumni and yeah. Try to we’ll have to do some statistical analytics and be like, oh, like, 3 out of 5 pit fans say this. And — Yeah. There we go. Yeah. It’ll be, like, the next, you know, 4 out of 5 dentists, like, 3 out of 5 pit fans put

Andrew Burd [00:50:03]:

nonetheless. So the last thing that I got here for you that is football related is a continuation of something that we did a couple of weeks ago and that was introducing AI to our player conversation. So couple weeks ago, we asked Chat GPT who it thought was the best pen state running back of all time. So, obviously, there was a slew of names that it had available to nittany it ultimately chose Larry Johnson Junior for its choice as the best running back of all time given his accomplishments and setting the Cecil’s single season rushing record being selected in the top 5 of the draft. and also coming second in Heisman voting. So, you know, whether or not we thought that it was correct, you’ll have to go to that episode and listen. It’s gonna be marked in the show notes. But to continue off of this and to just kinda continue to have fun with this new piece of technology, I asked Chad GPT who it thought is the greatest pen state quarterback of all time. So, Vince, I wanna ask you the same questions that I asked you before. That is, who do you think is the greatest PennSafe quarterback of all time? And who do you think a computer would pick as the greatest quarterback of all time?

Vince Fadale [00:51:21]:

That is that’s a tough one. So I think I think because of a recency bias, you know, maybe I might be, like, kind of, you know, way off and, like, miss an important guy. I I think I think you gotta have Tracy McSorley up there, you know, just his competitiveness and the the amount of times he was able to lead teams from behind and you know, find a way to win and bring Penn State a big 10 championship that has not happened in a a really long time. So that that’s who I think probably is. He also has a lot of passing records. Sean Clifford might have you know, Cliff had a good amount of those 2. So, yeah, he’s up there for consideration. Like, he’s probably up there on the maybe up there on the Mount Rushmore potentially. But I I I think in term, it might go to Todd Blackledge because he was the quarterback in the

Andrew Burd [00:52:16]:

80 86

Vince Fadale [00:52:17]:

when they won the national oh, 82 when they won the national championship. So I think I’m gonna give the the edge to Todd Blackledge. That’s who I think AI is gonna pick. Am I right?

Andrew Burd [00:52:28]:

So you’re not correct. So it did it did mention Todd Blackledge as one of, you know, the notable quarterbacks in Penn State history. So — Can I guess again?

Vince Fadale [00:52:40]:

Sure. Go ahead. Carrie Collins. He had a nice career with the titans.

Andrew Burd [00:52:44]:

So that’s who you think AI would pick?

Vince Fadale [00:52:47]:

Maybe. Am I wrong again?

Andrew Burd [00:52:50]:

No. You are correct.

Vince Fadale [00:52:52]:

So — Okay. That sucks. 2nd second. Not bad. Yeah. There you go. — a round of applause there. Right. I was I was one of the one of the ones I was thinking of because, like, I was like, oh, he got drafted. He’s one of the few Penn state QBs to really have a longer NFL career. I can really only remember Carrie Collins playing at Matt McGoyn. Those are really the only and then trace recently. and Sean getting drafted. So those are the only guys I can think of off the top of my head who are Penn State quarterbacks and, you know, have NFL experience.

Andrew Burd [00:53:25]:

Right. Yep. So I’ll just give you kind of the brief rundown of its justification. And it starts out by saying that The greatest pen and say quarterback of all time is largely a subjective matter, which is completely true. Because if you’re gonna go off of, like, statistical records, it’s gonna be Sean Clifford. It did mention Sean Clifford by name, so I’ll get to that in a moment because I think there is some, like, technical caveats here. But it mentions that one quarterback who is widely regarded as the greatest in Penn State history is Carrie Collins. Collins played for Penn State from 1991 to 1994. He led the Sydney alliance to an undefeated season and a big 10 championship in 1994. He was instrumental in hep in helping Penn State win the 1995 rose bowl and secure a perfect 12 and o record which resulted in the number 2 ranking in the final AP poll. So one thing that, you know, kind of outside of this is really kinda notable is that that 94 offense is largely considered to be one of the greatest of all time in in not only Penn State history, but in college football history because you had Carrie Collins, Kajana Carter, Kyle Brady, Evan Ingram, Evan Ingram, Like, there were just so many playmakers on that often, so that’s, you know, kind of besides the point. But it goes on to say that Colin set numerous Penn state passing records during his time at the university including career passing yards, completions, and touchdowns, which, of course, as we know, has has since been eclipsed. He was a consensus all American in 1994 and finished 4th in the Heisman Trophy voting that year. So while there have been other notable quarterbacks of Penn State, including Todd Blackledge, John Schaefer and Michael Robinson, Carrie Collins is often considered the greatest due to his overall success, statistical achievements, and impact on the program.

Vince Fadale [00:55:14]:

Not bad. You know, second try, I’m happy to get that. You know, trait like, it doesn’t take in I feel like the analytics doesn’t take in too fact, like, those huge games. I mean, I I guess, like, you know, Carrie Collins went in the the rose bowl and, you know, Todd Blackledge winning national championships. Those are obviously very big games and You know? I I feel like I’ve just seen trace do it in so many different games, whereas, you know, for, you know, these other quarterbacks, I wasn’t alive to see, and all I have is, you know, YouTube highlights and things of that nature. So Yeah. Definitely yeah. It’s a good Mount Rushmore. I think, you know, Blackledge and Carrie Collins and, you know, Trades and Sean, I think that’s a a really good top 4.

Andrew Burd [00:55:58]:

So one thing that I think is kind of interesting about this and especially about kind of asking chat GPT about this is that If we ask this same question maybe, like, a year from now or a little over a year, if the answer would change. Because Like, the way that generative AI works is that it works off a dataset that it has available to it. So, basically, this is like a fancy way to say. it probably doesn’t know about Sean Clifford’s, like, statistical achievements yet because it just doesn’t have the data available it. Like, it only has, like, so many years’ worth of information available. So it likely knows about, like, Trace McSorley’s stats because of, like, how much things have caught up, but it likely just doesn’t know or have all the information available to it about Sean Clifford’s career. So I’m curious and maybe we’ll have to do a little experiment about this is that in the next off season, we ask the same question to see if we get the same result.

Vince Fadale [00:56:55]:

Isn’t it gonna be, like, hilarious when, like, chat GBT says Sean Clifford is the greatest Penn State quarterback of all time? And I’m like — — with all those all those booing fans, like, looking like idiots.

Andrew Burd [00:57:07]:

Yeah. Exactly. No. I think if I if I had to put a guess on it, it’s it’s gonna, like, get to the level of SkyNet, and it’s gonna just double down and be like, no, you idiot. I said it was Carrie Collins last year. I’m saying it again, it’s Gary Collins. It’s like it just it gets mad at me.

Vince Fadale [00:57:24]:

Oh, yeah. You it’s crazy. Like, you ask questions on, like, you know, Alexa or whatever for for Amazon. And it’s very, like, a obvious like, oh, it’s obviously this. Like, or you should know this. Right. It has that tone to it, which is kinda funny. So I I can definitely see that happening. A year from now, for sure.

Andrew Burd [00:57:46]:

Yeah. Definitely. So, yeah, I thought this was that was fun. So I’m like I I I still I said to you off pod, I think I wanna do this for nearly all the position groups. I’m really excited to see what it’ll say about the linebacker position. just because of, like, the namesake, the history, the number of players that it has available to it. I mean, really looking forward to kinda continuing this exercise

Vince Fadale [00:58:10]:

just to see, you know, kinda what it spits out at us. Yeah. Like, when it came to quarterbacks, I’m like, well, we haven’t had that many great quarterbacks. So, like, it did take care of it down a a little bit easier. Penn State’s more of a, you know, run the ball team in defense until more of a you know, really the Bill O’Brien James Franklin era. So — It’s true. Yeah. Definitely makes guessing a little easier. linebacker is gonna be tough. if I get, like, the linebacker on my first try, I’m gonna be doing, like, cartwheels and stuff. And if if we’re doing linebacker next week, I think I might do a little bit of research at least, like, paired and have my guess down based off of analytics who I think is the the best Penn State linebacker.

Andrew Burd [00:58:50]:

So — Gotcha. Then then let let’s set it right now. Next week, we’ll we’ll ask Chat GP2 who thinks is the greatest linebacker

Vince Fadale [00:58:57]:

of all time at Penn State, and so we’ll we’ll put you to the test. Okay. This is gonna it’s gonna be a little crazy, though, because we’re going from, you know, offensive backfield to defense. Yeah. Who cares? We make rules. Yeah. We can do it everyone. It’s our podcast. So yeah. But for sake of keeping track of things, we’ll have to make sure we take notes of which position in groups we have covered and and which ones we have not.

Andrew Burd [00:59:21]:

So that’s all I got for you, man. Anything that you want to chat about?

Vince Fadale [00:59:25]:

Yeah. The the Harvey You know, siblings are doing very well. They have, like, the Central Caribbean championships, so they’ve been competing with all those you know, Caribbean Nations. And Emma, I think, got 4th in the 100 back stroke. I think Jack got 5th And then I think, and I also got 6 and a 100 freestyle. So doing big things internationally, Another try one last triathlon thing to kinda add on. Jason West has been having a really great triathlon season. I think one of the highlights for him was finishing 5th at the the PTO European Open. He finished one spot behind Yonford, Dino, who is kind of the goat in terms of, you know, triathlon. So he’s kinda like the Roger Federer of triathlon. So the fact that we had a Penn Stater almost beat him, and that’s pretty cool. And now the past 2 years, he has been injured a lot, and he is older. I think he’s, like, 42, 43, but he’s still, like, one of the guys who’s in contention to kinda win, you know, really big graces and potentially win you know, a 4th Ironman world championship. So and the fact that he almost beat him is really cool. He’s got the the best run-in all of triathlon right now. He’s ranked number 18 in the world in the the pro triathlon organization ranking. So that’s something really cool. I know we’ve talked about a little bit before, but the fact that he’s having a really awesome year, I think, is something that should be shared when we had a episode that was so triathlon heavy, you know, with the Ironman coming up this weekend. Yeah. Good stuff, man. So, yeah, anytime that I mean, you know me. love me some Roger Federer. So anytime that you’re gonna mention him, like, I’m you know, the rabbit ears are gonna pick up. Oh, yeah. And I I I knew, like I was like, okay. Andrew will get this analogy for sure. Like — Yeah. It’s not gonna go over his head.

Andrew Burd [01:01:21]:

Put it in the scale of Roger Federer, and I can usually understand. Yeah. Absolutely. Good stuff, man. Anything else?

Vince Fadale [01:01:29]:

Yeah. That’s about it. Really excited for the race this weekend. It’s gonna be a party. So, like, if you are in you know, in the area. Come check out the race. What you’re on this?

Andrew Burd [01:01:40]:

Support your one of your 2 favorite nittany blues podcast host. fighting and, you know, trying to get to that finish line. Good stuff, man. Well, good luck to you. We’re all gonna be rooting for you. Just a quick word out to you there as you’re listening to us. If you wanna support us, go and check out our merch on shop.nindibloys.com. Send us a note. Send us your questions, comments, and predictions for this upcoming football season at netnipoos pod@gmail.com. We love to hear from you. We wanna kinda share your opinions and your questions here on the podcast. Wanna connect with you. So feel feel free to reach out to us there.

Vince Fadale [01:02:16]:

Vince, you wanna bring us home? Yeah. If you’d like to support the pop, please tell your friends, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you enjoy the show, please leave a 5 star review to other than any line fans like you can find us. Interested in new episodes, you can subscribe on Spotify Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or other streaming platforms to be notified. Thank you for listening, and we want to remind you that we are.

Andrew Burd [01:02:39]:

The Nittany Blues podcast See you next time.

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