Episode 90: Penn State Football Announces Game Kickoff Times

On this episode, we react to Penn State football announcing kickoff times for four 2023 season games. We also discuss the controversial ending to the Penn State-Duke lacrosse game in the NCAA tournament semifinal and other updates with Nittany Lion swimming and track & field. WE ARE!


Andrew Burd [00:00:00]:

What’s up, Penn State fans? Welcome back to the Nittany Blues podcast. Hope you’re all having a good week out there. Vince, how are you doing, my man? Doing well. Just had our last day of school today. So if you’re a teacher, summer is here. We made it through the school year, so that’s always exciting.

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Vince Fadale [00:00:15]:

Had a good Memorial Day weekend, went on some bike rides, hung out with some friends. Enjoyed that. Andrew, how was your Memorial Day weekend?

Andrew Burd [00:00:22]:

It was good. We spent some time with some family. Julie and I got to kind of meet up with a bunch of members of my side of the family to talk about the engagement, wedding plans and stuff like that. So that was fun. Outside of that, I spent a lot of time doing some housework. I refurbished my deck. So, you know, it feels very surreal to be such an adult and working on such projects over a holiday weekend. But here we are.

Vince Fadale [00:00:52]:

That’s such like a husband thing to do. Like that’s how you know you’ve gone from like young and in your 20s to be like, okay, you’re you’re an actual adult. Like like dad working on his house.

Andrew Burd [00:01:04]:

Yeah, that’s kind of funny. I was there at Lowe’s at like 8 a.m. On a Saturday with all the rest of the dads.

Vince Fadale [00:01:13]:

Well, I’m not to that point yet. I do know that you’re about 7 or 8 months older than me, so maybe I’ll be there in 7 or 8 months. Time will tell. But I’m glad to hear you had a good Memorial Day weekend. Someone who didn’t quite have as quite of a good Memorial Day weekend was Penn State lacrosse and Penn State lacrosse put out an outstanding performance against the Duke Blue Devils. The game was really entertaining the whole way. The score was within 1 or 2 goals the entire match. The game went into overtime and in overtime, that was when, uh, things went wrong. So what happened was Duke won the, uh, face off. Uh, they had a player, they, they, they made a run and they did get a goal. However, upon, you know, seeing the replay on the television, it was very blatant and obvious that the Duke player had stepped on the crease. So if you are not a lacrosse fan, they have like a, you know, a white painted line around the, uh, the goal. And if you step on that goal, you can’t shoot. You have to be behind the circle to shoot. And the lacrosse player had the entire foot on the line, which means that would be what’s called a crease violation. The reason I know this is because I started watching lacrosse about 2 weeks ago when Penn State was on this tournament run and you know, even earlier in the game, you know, a player even just kind of with the tip of their toe, kind of like a Kevin Durant on the 3 point line type deal earlier in the game, you know, Duke made a goal and it was waved off because the player stepped on the line. However, this 1 was not caught. So the Nittany Lions were kind of robbed of it and over time, you know, potential victory because what would have happened is, you know, if the violation was called, you know, Penn State would get the ball and their probability of winning would probably be above 50% because they’re the team with the ball. However, NCAA lacrosse is, To me, it’s a joke that they have all this technology and refuse to run the replay. Uh, you know, referees are human, but you know, for the amount of work that these college athletes put into their season and in the off season and you know, just count traveling and balancing their, their schedule with the clot, uh, classes. It just kind of like makes you sick to your stomach to see, you know, someone that heavily invested, you know, lose a game of that magnitude, not just regular season game, but. You know, in the final 4 of the NCAA tournament because you know the NCAA is kind of being old-school and Refuses to change the role and allow the officials to you know review goals and kind of fix their mistakes Andrew do you have any thoughts on the goal and how you were feeling when you were watching it over time?

Andrew Burd [00:04:21]:

Yeah, I mean, it just made me sick to my stomach. This was the ultimate screw job in a game that’s that close with a chance to play for the national championship on the line. I mean, this is the time when all calls should be reviewable. And, you know, I think, you know, what, what’s really ironic about this whole thing and the fact that they call that a quote unquote non-reviewable call is that across all college athletics and really just athletics in general, um, even in the pro ranks, like there’s lengthy delays in the games where the officials are looking at the tape and looking at every single angle to see every inch of a play to see whether a guy was in or out, if he caught the ball or if he didn’t or whatever the case may be. So we have all of these marathon length delays in all these games. And you’re telling me that like, we can’t do that in the most crucial part of a game regardless of the sport like that to me just doesn’t make any sense you know it just seems that like if we’re gonna be going down this route of doing replaying call or reviewing calls to get the call right and stuff like that that idea should be universally applied throughout the entirety of the game and especially during crunch time so I’d really argue and challenge anybody to kind of come on and say like give me a coherent reason as to why like a call like that should not be reviewable in the final moments of this game. And you know, I, I just don’t think that anybody could come up with a, with a very good reason more so than something like just because. So I, I think that this, this is the kind of outcome that really can result in some changes to things like this. Like this is the type of thing that might get brought up in the offseason. Be like, listen, like We can’t let something like this happen again. You know, we got it. We got to make sure that these calls are reviewable. Like this is the type of thing that could actually inspire change in the game and it kind of falls under that, you know, kind of the old saying of safety regulations are written in blood. Well, you know, new replay processes are going to be written by teams that got absolutely jobbed, you know, 1 way or another. So, you know, I think that this was, I mean, this was just like the toughest break, especially after just some miraculous performances by guys on the team. They had some injuries on the team, so just a really gritty team overall. They finished number 4 in the country in the final poll. So I mean, just an absolute, you know, great season for them to kind of hang their hats on and stuff like that. But yeah, it’s really tough to see them go out the way that they did, especially after Duke went and lost the final game to Notre Dame anyway. So it’s like, you know, we we could have and you know, very much should have been there. So it’s 1 of those ultimate like what if scenarios.

Vince Fadale [00:07:17]:

It is and you know you lose a player like your best defensive player in Jack Posey. The team steps up the offense had a really good day. You saw you know Fraschian making a couple big saves especially you know in the second half there’s 1 where like the Duke player was like right in front of the net. And I was just like, man, he hasn’t dead to rights and frashy made like an incredible save. And it just kind of baffles my mind. And I just think it’s completely asinine that they, they can review every single play in football. Like you don’t even have to throw a challenge flag in college football and they stop it for plays where you’re like, okay, that was obviously a catch, whatever, move on with the game. It’s, it’s, it’s stopping us from, you know, it’s making the game go super long and, you know, basketball, the look at things, college hockey, they review goals. Yep. And the professional lacrosse league, uh, you know, the commentators were saying how, you know, that would be reviewable in the professional lacrosse league. And, You know, this isn’t the first time this has happened in the NCAA tournament. The commentators were saying how a few years ago it happened between Virginia and Maryland where I think they called a goal good, but it actually had bounced off the post and didn’t go in the goal and that, you know, determine the outcome of the game. And, you know, it’s really a shame, you know, 1, that they didn’t fix it in the beginning just to ensure competitive, you know, fairness. But, you know, 2, there was a situation very much like this a few years ago and it’s just, you know, makes the NCAA lacrosse look like a joke and you know, they really got caught with their pants down. Like they look absolutely foolish and really Rob all college lacrosse fans. You know What should have been a really great finish that should not have needed to end in controversial fashion.

Andrew Burd [00:09:09]:

Yeah, yeah, you’re absolutely right. So it’s just I, you know, it’s 1 of those things that they’re going to have to kind of put in that chip on their shoulder for next season. You know, I don’t know how much of the team is going to be coming back for next year, but they’re not going to forget this.

Vince Fadale [00:09:27]:

Yeah. And, you know, gotta be heartbreaking for those seniors to, but put in all that hard work and, you know, going through COVID and they just had just 2 bad years after that, you know, 2019 final 4 run as well. And you know, for them to get back there and fight back and kind of just be gritty and tough. They, they won really close games. They’d be Princeton by 1. They’d be army by 1, you know, potentially looking at being Duke by 1 to then move advanced, playing Notre Dame for the national championship. And it just, it just 1 of those things where you feel like you get robbed. Like this was like up there in Penn State sports with like the Michael Penix Jr. Diving for the end zone and like clearly being short and the referees were just like, meh, whatever. Like, yeah. Yeah. Even, even when I was watching the body language of the officials, They kind of ran and met in front of the goal. You have every like Penn State lacrosse player kind of like pointing at the line and be like, Hey, he stepped in the line. And even when I was watching it real time, uh, I didn’t obviously have the best view, you know, watching on the TV. I’m like, I w but I was thinking, Oh, he must have stepped in the line. He’s so close to the goal. And it was kind of like, you know, they ran in the middle of there like, Oh, did you catch it? I was like, I don’t know. And they’re like, all right, all good. Guess I’ll make it a goal then. Didn’t see him step on. I was like, you got to think and, you know, have a discussion and talk it out because you know, you know, it doesn’t really matter if you have the review. So like in football, like sometimes if there’s, if they don’t think it’s a fumble, they think it’s a drop and the player picks up the fumble. Like they just let the play go on because they know they can review it. Like it’s just kind of baffles me. They didn’t take more time to discuss like things they were seeing and what they thought would be, you know, the correct correct outcome. So you know, really disappointing, not only in the NCAA, but it kind of in the officials as well. So yeah, absolutely. Yeah. But a sport where we don’t have to worry about that quite as much, you know, say that with a grain of salt because, you know, officials do mess up replay. We saw that against, uh, you know, Indiana and Michael Pennix Jr. Years ago, but we got some new times and this is kind of unusual for, you know, college football. Usually like we find out, you know, the Tuesday or Wednesday before the following week when kickoff is, but we did get a lot of new kickoff times. So the Illinois and Michigan games, those 2 games will be a big noon kickoffs. We’ll have West Virginia and Iowa both at 7 30 that Iowa kickoff that was scheduled for 8 did get moved to a 7 30 and then you have Delaware and UMass which will be 3 30 kickoffs And then the rumors were true. We will be playing the Michigan state Spartans in Detroit the day after Thanksgiving. So I’m sure that’s going to be a great experience for the players. We’ll talk more about that later, but I think it’s going to be really cool for them to be able to probably watch the Lions game the day before and then go against the Spartans and nice indoor stadium. They don’t have to worry about snow or lightning delays and all the weird stuff that seems to happen in East Lansing. So I think it’s going to be a great time. Andrew, how are you feeling about all these early time releases? Because I know we typically have to, you know, speculate about what the kickoff time is going to be.

Andrew Burd [00:13:08]:

Honestly, I like it. I like the fact that we know a lot more beforehand now. Just seems to be some of the magic with our new television deal. I’m all in favor of releasing this type of stuff because it lets people get prepared quicker, you know, get some hotels, arrange travel, child care, pet care, All these different things and I just I just think that it’s a plus for the fans. So I’m happy with it Yeah, I think that I think we’re both in agreement about the Michigan State game I think that’s gonna be pretty neat And you know, what’s What’s funny is after we talked about this on our last episode about how, you know, Penn State’s going to avoid like some of that voodoo magic that Michigan State seems to have in their home stadium with all the weird weather stuff and just how Michigan State has kind of like snapped victory from us. There was a lot of pieces that came out about like that exact same topic about how the fact that Penn State’s gonna avoid all the weather, all the weird stuff, like you know, just all these different circumstances that have popped up. So yeah, it’s kind of funny that everybody was kind of of the same mind that it’s like, oh, yes, like they’re in a neutral field in a dome and stuff like that. And like, you know, I’ll bet you like people are going to travel out in force for that. I mean, I don’t care that it’s the day after Thanksgiving. I think there’s going to be a solid Penn State contingent in Detroit for that game because Penn State fans love to travel for a like a neutral field type game.

Vince Fadale [00:14:40]:

Yeah, I think it’s going to be a great game. It’s probably going to be split, you know, 50 50 and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more Michigan State fans there just because it is only 90 miles away. But yeah, it is in Michigan. But you know, from University Park Airport, it’s that is like 1 of our 4 places we can fly. Detroit is 1 of them. So who kidding? Directly? Yeah, we have Chicago, Detroit, Newark and Philly are the 4. And then I think Charlotte’s recently been added like once a week you can fly to Charlotte. So yeah, that’s 1 of our 4 direct flights that we do have. So I would not be surprised to be to see a lot of Penn State fans head out there and you know that’s cool. It’s kind of like 1 of those things too where it’s like you know you have Thanksgiving Day football and then you have Black Friday football the day after that. You don’t have to wait till Sunday to watch your team play. So I think that’s really exciting for me. Just me being an impatient person, it’s just like, oh, that’s 1 less day I have to wait for Penn State football. And speaking of waiting, a few days ago, they did that little countdown for 100 days to Penn State football. So we are getting closer to getting back to Beaver Stadium to hold us off though. You know, they do have a couple of events going on this summer where you can go to beaver stadium. Uh, 1 is not my stadium. So they’re actually having yoga in the stadium. They’re having the, uh, you know, the half Ironman obviously, and that’s going to finish out the 50 yard line that I’m doing. I’m looking forward to doing that. And then they’re also having a movie night. I think they’re going to be showing the, uh, the lion King. So, you know, good, good Nittany line theme there. And so definitely a few days where if you want to get into Beaver Stadium and you know, have those good vibes. If you cannot wait to Labor Day weekend, those are some times where you can head down and you know, check out Beaver Stadium

Andrew Burd [00:16:41]:

for sure. Are you going to partake in some yoga on top of your half Ironman? I don’t know. I do think you have to pay to get in. I think it’s like a 300 person class. So I don’t know. You’re about to say that it costs $300 a person. I was about to like spit, take my water all over my computer screen.

Vince Fadale [00:17:02]:

No, I mean, my half Ironman entry is more than that, but I don’t think I don’t think they announced the they just announced the date. And I think it’s they’re going to allow 300 people on the field and they’re going to do some yoga. And right now, definitely a cool thing. And, you know, from, you know, just me being in a sport administration kind of master’s program, I think it’s a smart thing for them to use Beaver Stadium as much as possible for any event, really. I mean, the more people you get into the stadium, it’s a place people want to go, especially in central PA. And, you know, that can bring in lots of revenue. So as long as it’s not really doing any damage to the field and you have to worry about field maintenance and the cost of that, You know, definitely a win for people in the community, as well as, you know, money towards the athletic department. And, you know, they can maybe spend spill more of that movie money over to the Penn State men’s basketball program. And we don’t get outbid for these players. And then Coach Rhodes will have a bigger staff and be able to reel in some more recruits. And kind of going along with that, they did also break the news that Penn State, like many of us this summer, are going to be on a nice little vacation. They’re going to be in the Bahamas in a tournament where they’ll get to play at least 2 games before the season starts. So Andrew, What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is gonna be good for them? Do you think this is gonna help them gel as a team? What do you think?

Andrew Burd [00:18:37]:

Yeah, it’s good. Give the players some exciting opportunities to go and do cool things. Playing in the Bahamas doesn’t sound like it sucks. So, you know, have them like go and have like a fun experience, you know, more time for them to gel as a team, especially given some of the, you know, kind of piece work that they’re going to be going with, you know, bringing all these players in from different programs and stuff. I don’t see that really as a bad thing. So as long as a spoiled when junior comes out of those games perfectly healthy, I will be perfectly happy.

Vince Fadale [00:19:09]:

Yeah, and we did get really lucky that the year this happens to fall like, you know, you have microbes coming in and you have so many new faces on this basketball staff. So you don’t these guys don’t know how to play with each other. And, you know, they just haven’t had time to develop that chemistry. This is almost like an extra opportunity for them to develop that chemistry. And, you know, if you watch like the fab 5 documentary, uh, you know, About like Chris Weber and Duann Howard, Jalen Rose, all those guys, uh, you know, they were only allowed to do that like once every 4 years. So that’s not something you can do every single year. So the fact that it kind of fell on this year where Mike Rhodes has had to kind of bring in guys from everywhere, this is gonna be a great opportunity for the you know the players to gel and these kind of trips are part of the student-athlete experience So it makes it so good. Like when I got, I went to cross country nationals, got to go to like Spokane, Washington a couple of times, got to go to Louisville, exploring that city. I got to run, you know, at the Armory in New York City, which is a really big, you know, track. They had a lot of big track meets there. I got to run at a Boston university’s indoor track. That’s a really big track as well. I got to like tour Fenway park. So the fact that these players get to do all these cool things, I think, you know, Penn State being able to play Michigan State in the line stadium and watch the Thanksgiving Day game the day before. That’s just part of the NCAA student athlete experience. I’m glad that all the players get to experience that. And then also in the case here for Penn State basketball, definitely a great opportunity for these players to gel. And then, you know, I’m hoping that this is televised and we can, you know, have some good basketball to talk about before, you know, all the false sports start up. Yeah, that’d be pretty cool. Yeah, it’ll be fun to, you know, kind of debate who, oh, who we think the starting 5 should be and who’s going to make the rotation. And I can’t wait. That’s just like that was just like me getting a little like, you know, gift like during teacher appreciation week or something like being like, Oh yes, I can’t wait to watch, you know, this Penn State basketball game before the season starts. So that was a nice, uh, nice little treat. Uh, you know, heading into the off season where we don’t have quite as much to talk about. Yep. So what else? Yeah. A lot of, a lot of big things. Uh, so we talked about our Bermudian swimmers, uh, last week. We also had a Brazilian swimmer on the swim team who did really well. He got second place, uh, in the butterfly. So kudos to him. And then the best sport of them all, uh, track and field, We had several, you know, different athletes who did qualify for nationals. We had Haley kitchen and Rachel gearing in the women’s 800 and that was a, you know, Victor McNaha who got second in the a hundred meter butterfly. We had faith, the Mars and the 5, 000 meters had a couple of throwers make it. We had Evan Doren camp in 1500 and then the men also had a couple 800 meter runners as well. Handle Robinson. So yeah, really, really excited to see how they do in the, uh, NCAA meet qualifying for that meet is extremely difficult. You may be get, you know, the best, like 24 athletes in the country, you know, maybe 30, like there’s, so you’re top 30 in the, in your event for like the entire, you know, NCAA. So that’s a really big deal to qualify for the national meet. Uh, so I’m really excited to see, you know, how those athletes do and if enough, enough of those athletes, you know, score points, you might see Penn state in that, you know, top 10 to top 20 range in terms of, uh, you know, track and field scoring. Because if you have a handful of stud athletes, then they can score points in multiple events potentially. And you know, if they score high and you have A34 athletes do that, you can actually do pretty well in a NCAA championship meet. So really looking forward to that. Also the, uh, the men’s 4 by 4 qualified. So, you know, that’s always the last event and 1 of the most excited races and track and field. So looking forward to seeing that as well.

Andrew Burd [00:23:29]:

Good stuff. Yeah. I feel like I see all kinds of track and field updates in the Penn State sports fandom Facebook groups that I’m a part of. So it’s really awesome. And each time that that 1 pops up, I’m like, Oh, I’m sure Vince is all over that. So, Yeah, glad to know that my assumptions were correct here. So glad you got your finger on the pulse here.

Vince Fadale [00:23:51]:

Oh, yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I did have them all posted. I missed a couple names. I did have them posted like on the Instagram page, but I think like the time expired and it’s no longer there. So I was like, oh crap. That’s all right. Might have to fill you guys in next week on how they do, but really exciting. Uh, it’ll most likely be in Eugene, Oregon. Uh, that’s where they typically have the NCAA championships. Uh, so actually, oh wait, no, I think it’s Austin, Texas, is where they’re having them this year. So that’ll be, you know, very hot for the distance runners. So they need to make sure they’re hydrated and, you know, preparing for, you know, all the challenges that the heat and humidity, I’m sure will throw them, you know, being in Texas.

Andrew Burd [00:24:35]:

No, man, it’s not hot in Texas. What are you talking about?

Vince Fadale [00:24:39]:

Yeah, I feel like that’s almost the equivalent of like the SEC teams coming up here for like playoff games in December. Like, right. Yeah. I’m sure it’s not cold in central Pennsylvania in January. Yeah, absolutely. So really excited to see how they do have another bit of news here. So We were always concerned. Maybe we were, maybe we weren’t. We were weren’t. But there was speculation that James Franklin was getting going to be the head football coach at USC. That didn’t happen. However, Sandy Barber has seemed to come out of retirement and accepted a role with USC Athletics. What is your thought on this?

Andrew Burd [00:25:29]:

Huh? Your reaction? Yeah, that’s a little surprising. Do you know exactly like what type of role she took on? Like it’s not it’s not like at full athletic director, I assume. Right? No, it’s not full athletic director. I think it’s an interim position.

Vince Fadale [00:25:45]:

And I think they’re kind of looking for a new athletic director. So she’s going to join an interim leadership team with USC athletics.

Andrew Burd [00:25:55]:

So, okay. Well, yeah, I mean, I guess to USC benefit, I guess. I mean, I guess it kind of makes sense geographically, because I think before she was already, she was the ad at Cal. So I assume that she’s, you know, originally local to California. So, yeah, a little surprising. Didn’t see that coming. That’s for sure. So, yeah.

Vince Fadale [00:26:18]:

Yeah. It’s a kind of wild. We’re always worried about losing a coach Franklin there. And then we lose our, you know, old ad Sandy Barber. So kind of a little, uh, not what you see coming, but, uh, and it’s kind of weird because you’re like, ah, whatever, like USC PAC 12, we don’t see them. And then it’s like, oh, wait a minute, you know, we’re going to be seeing them and not this year, but the following year. So it’ll be interesting to see, uh, you know, what she does down there for the football program, along with the other programs, because, uh, we’re going to be playing them and you know every sport pretty much outside of hockey I would be assuming so You know, it’ll be interesting to see how well she can get all those programs up and running

Andrew Burd [00:26:58]:

Yeah, I mean I feel like things that USC probably aren’t gonna change that much with her because I feel like they’re such a well-oiled machine when it comes to like getting booster support and stuff like that for all their various programs. I mean football and basketball are obviously well taken care of. I mean they they’ve got, you know, they’ve got the freaking like Michael Jordan all-star team coming to their squad next season with Bronny James and like Dennis Rodman’s kid and like whoever else is the number 1 recruit in high school basketball and stuff like that. So all of a sudden they’ve turned into, you know, the, you know, the supposed dream team of college basketball, which we’ll see how well that holds up. So yeah, I mean, I, but even, you know, in my, in my corner of the sports world in tennis, I mean USC is always like such a powerhouse. So even like with those smaller sports, they always show up and you know, perform well. So yeah, I think that I think they’re probably just going to keep on taking the way that they are. Obviously Caleb winning Heisman trophies and Lincoln Riley doing things at USC. Certainly not going to help. It’s certainly not going to hurt them bringing in more booster support. So, yeah, we’ll We’ll see. But yeah, that was that certainly was news to me. Yeah. And, you know, something I think they have to really help them with,

Vince Fadale [00:28:23]:

you know, recruitment is 3 things, location, location and location. You know, you get to be in sunny California where it’s like, you know, 70 to 80 degrees year round pretty much and warm and you don’t have to deal with winter and bad weather. Happy Valley can get a little cloudy and cold and windy over the winter months. So I do think that is part of the challenge sometimes in athletics and I, you know, Penn State does well despite that variable, but you know, it’ll be fun to compete and you know, I think that that weather will give us an advantage should they have to head up to Beaver Stadium?

Andrew Burd [00:29:03]:

Yeah, yeah, I agree. It’s good. I mean, it’s a whole new world of college athletics when these athletes are going to have to travel literally across the country to a completely different just weather system, basically. So yeah, it’s a it’s a new angle.

Vince Fadale [00:29:19]:

Yeah, they’re gonna it’s gonna be like November and we’re gonna be like alright big 10 football in Los Angeles. It is 80 degrees and sunny like it’s it’s just gonna feel very strange. I know. Yeah. But for me, for me, the biggest concern though is, is the time zone difference. Like that would be so annoying to have to like stay up to like 1030 East Coast time and wait for like the kickoff. Like that would just be so late. And yeah, you’re right. Definitely be a big inconvenience. I’m hoping like with NBC, they’re they’re keeping things on the East Coast kind of slot for their prime time, at least in making sure it’s like a 730 on our that would be or like 730 yard time for 30 their time. So hopefully that doesn’t, you know, mess up the the national TV schedule for for all of us living on the East Coast. Yeah. Have you ever seen

Andrew Burd [00:30:15]:

the the hashtag or the quote Pac-12 after dark on Twitter? I have not, but I can imagine it’s,

Vince Fadale [00:30:24]:

you know, really funny because, you know, you hear guys on ESPN being like, oh, they’ll talk about how this, this, you know, like Stanford’s really good or whatever. And people don’t watch them play because it’s it’s on too late and you know so I’m sure there’s a lot of good comments out there and then you know you have to see the back pack 12 get bounced in the first round of the college football playoff every year. So it’s the yearly tradition. Not even make it. So

Andrew Burd [00:30:50]:

yeah, 1 or the other. But yeah, so I feel like now we’re going to get get a taste of Big 10 after dark because, you know, we’re going to all of a sudden be playing in California

Vince Fadale [00:31:02]:

once, possibly twice in a season. So yeah, yeah, it’d be it’d be fun to make a trip out there for a road game, though, like if there’s anywhere you want to go like November, that’s when it starts to get cold here to get to get a break from the cold or maybe like maybe it’s like the last week in the season and it’s over Thanksgiving and maybe head out there and make a trip definitely would be a good opportunity. Yeah for sure. Yeah we should play in that 1 of these seasons. So yeah time will tell. So we got 1 more year to kind of save up some cash and you know have a fun road trip.

Andrew Burd [00:31:36]:

Right right right.

Vince Fadale [00:31:37]:

So you got anything else. Yeah. Yep. Not much in terms of the pot. What are you doing for the rest of the week? Just

Andrew Burd [00:31:46]:

let’s see. I’ve got a tennis match coming up later this week. I’m going to check out a potential wedding venue, actually, this coming Saturday. So we’re, you know, trying to get as much done with the planning aspect of things as quickly as possible, both from a practicality standpoint and also just kind of like a load off our shoulders standpoint because the longer that things go on, the more venues are going to be booked up and stuff like that. So just for like our own sanity, we want to try to like lock something down as quickly as possible. So doing that and yeah, just probably going to be hanging around at home. What about you? Yeah, it’s like that Sam Hickey quote. He’s like, we like having optionality.

Vince Fadale [00:32:34]:

Like the Sixers. So exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Smart, though. You know, that gives you more options the sooner your book. So, yeah, that sounds a lot of fun. You know, this week’s going to be pretty chill. Just, you know, working a lot. You know, I’m only going to be working 40 hours a week now, you know, at my summer job at the Mac. So that’ll be nice not having to, you know, work, work like 50 hours a week. So definitely gonna enjoy that. Definitely gonna take advantage of the weather to get, you know, bike riding, but not too much because in a couple of weeks I’m going to be doing the escape, the Cape triathlon. So, um, you know, that’s a big race where you, where you get to jump off the Cape May ferry, just like a escape from Alcatraz, you know, all the way on, on the West coast, but yeah, it’s kind of on the East coast version. So yeah, that’s going to be a lot of fun. And I know you’re very familiar with the South Jersey area. So really looking forward to doing that and, uh, hoping I can have a good performance. The training’s been okay. Some aspects of the training have been good. Some aspects haven’t been quite as good, but hoping I can put together a good race day performance overall. Yeah. Good stuff, man. So, uh, sounds like you got, um, you know, not only this weekend, but

Andrew Burd [00:33:47]:

in the future, figure it out as well.

Vince Fadale [00:33:49]:

Yeah. And I just say with my life, I, there’s never a dull moment. I always have something booked and when I don’t have something booked, I’m trying to get something fun booked, you know, as the next thing. So I just kind of how I run my life. It’s never boring. Always up, up on the go, move in not really many days. I’m just sitting around the house. So, you know, definitely, uh, you know, enjoy enjoying life and doing fun things while I can. Good stuff, man. So, uh, you ready to call it a night? Yeah, I think so. Uh, if you’d like to support the pod, please tell your friends, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you enjoy the show, please leave a five-star reviews that other NittanyLive fans like you can find us interested in new episodes. You can subscribe on Spotify, Apple podcast, Google podcasts, or other streaming platforms to be notified. Thank you for listening. And we want to remind you that we are.

Andrew Burd [00:34:41]:

The Nittany blues podcast. See you next time.

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