Episode 89: Penn State Lacrosse Fights Their Way to the Final Four

On this episode of Nittany Blues, we discuss the upcoming Black Friday football game against Michigan State on NBC. Vince talks about the challenges facing the Penn State basketball program and how the team can succeed with the current roster of players. We also discuss the Nittany Lions lacrosse team’s recent victory against Army and their chances in the Final Four. Andrew is excited for the game and shares his thoughts on why he thinks the team will come out on top again. WE ARE!


[00:02:27] Penn State men’s lacrosse team advanced to Final Four after a close game against Army, with the final score of 9-8. Penn State had a lead at halftime, but Army fought back and nearly tied the game with five seconds left, but the officials determined it was no goal. Penn State’s special teams, penalty kill, and penalty scoring were crucial to their victory. They will face Duke in the Final Four.
[00:09:17] The speaker thinks it’s cool that Penn State plays on Black Friday because they have a good record on Friday nights and on the road. They prefer Friday night games for Penn State but not at Beaver Stadium. It also gives them more free time on Saturdays.
[00:12:04] Penn State football fans are apprehensive about their team’s poor record playing at Michigan State. The speaker would prefer to play at Ford Field and is happy with the NBC schedule.
[00:19:00] Penn State interested in Memphis transfer Malcolm Dandridge. Disappointment in losing out on some players, hoping for strong performance from incoming freshman. Overall rating of current player acquisition and talent is average.
[00:24:17] Concerns about college basketball team’s talent level and ability to score, but possibility remains for success through teamwork and strong player mentality.
[00:28:33] Seth Lundy is an excellent three-point shooter who may become a valuable role player in the NBA, particularly for a team in need of players who can play defense and shoot threes, while Jalen Pickett is more focused on dribble penetration.
[00:32:48] Limited milkshake flavors available including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mint.


Andrew Burd [00:00:00]:

What’s up, Penn State fans? Welcome back to the Nittany Blues Podcast. We got a pretty full episode for you this week. A lot of stuff happening in the past seven days in the world of Nittany Lion athletics. But first, Vince, how you doing, man? It’s always good to see you.

Vince Fadale [00:00:13]:

Yeah, I’m doing really well. And I think we got some bigger news that’s even bigger than Penn State athletics. You know our host Andrew Burd is now officially an engaged man. Andrew, how excited are you? How are you feeling after she said yes?

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Andrew Burd [00:00:31]:

Well, I appreciate the shout out here, man. It’s a very nice sentiment, so thank you for that. But yeah, just a ton of excitement, a ton of anticipation and planning and nerves. I’m not going to lie leading up to it, but just glad to kind of have gotten through it just from that standpoint. Obviously, I’m super excited for what lies ahead in the future and just ready to kind of make that or just ready to move on to that part of my life. It’s a weird feeling, but it’s a good feeling.

Vince Fadale [00:01:01]:

Yeah. All I got to say is you are very lucky that Julianne is a patient woman. You guys have been dating a very long time and I was getting a little worried there. I was like, is Andrew ever going to pop the question? But happy to see everything worked out and happy she said yes and looking forward to the wedding, for sure.

Andrew Burd [00:01:22]:

Yeah, that makes two of us. But, yeah, you know, it’s funny, that’s pretty much the sentiment that everyone has shared about it, but whether it’s from my family, her family, the people that she works with, some of my friends and stuff like that, it’s like, crazy. Just how many people are like, oh, man, it’s about time, and I just have to kind of take a step back and be like, I know, I got it, I did the thing now so we can move on. But nonetheless, yeah, just super pumped. Already in the throes of wedding planning and stuff like that, so we’ll have more to talk about that later. But yeah, for now, just excited to kind of have that step taken care of and ready to move on to the next.

Vince Fadale [00:02:06]:

Yeah, just make sure it’s not a Penn State football weekend.

Andrew Burd [00:02:09]:

Oh, no, certainly not. Yeah, no, that’s a cardinal sin. That’s not going to happen.

Vince Fadale [00:02:14]:

Yeah, I know. We had some friends that got stuck in that situation last year, so making sure that you don’t make the same mistake.

Andrew Burd [00:02:21]:

No, certainly not. Yeah, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Vince Fadale [00:02:27]:

Yeah. But almost as exciting news, the Nittany Line lacrosse team, the men’s team, did make it to the Final Four. They will be playing in Philadelphia next weekend, which is really exciting. And this game was kind of the opposite from their matchup against Princeton. The week before. They got off to a really slow start. They were down by I think it was seven goals. I think they were down nine to two at one point in the contest, and they had to fight and claw their way back. This way was kind of the opposite. They were more holding off army. Army did get off to a 20 start, and then Penn State went on a run. They went on a 60 run. It was six to two. And the defense kudos to them. They forced a 20 minutes stretch again where army didn’t score a single goal. So that was a really good defense. The tide did start to turn a little bit when Penn State lost their best defensive player in Jack Posey. However, they did very good to hold serve and they had a nice little lead at the half. And then towards the end, army fought back. The commentators were saying both these teams were in close games all year long, so you expected it to be a 60 minutes game. And it was eventually nine nine before Penn State got the go ahead goal. And man, this game was really close and down to the wire. As a matter of fact, the horn blew. There was about 5 seconds left and there was a scrum. And army had pretty much like a power play where they had an extra man due to a Penn State penalty, and there was a scrum. Everyone was fighting for the ball and there was like 5 seconds on the clock. And then army eventually won the scrum and the guy was winding up to shoot, but the horn sounded and I saw the ball go into the lacrosse net. And I’m not sure if the rules are like hockey or not, where it’s just like, oh, the puck has to cross the net. The rules are different in lacrosse, so the ball just has to be out of the stick and it went in. So the officials did actually they rolled it no good on the field, I think, but they did have to go back and review to verify that it was no goal and that’s what it took for Penn State to win. If it was another second later, they would have been going into overtime, and special teams was the play of the game. Penn State, they had an opportunity for a one man advantage. They got their goal in the third period, I believe it was. Penn State actually was down two men. So you think they’re dead to rights if they’re down to two men. And army, they were able to force an army turnover and get the ball across the field and pretty much milk that clock with the man advantage, and they were down two guys. So that was the difference in the game. I guess you could call it the penalty kill and penalty scoring. So they did a really good job in that area. And now they’re going to be in the final Four, Saturday noon against the number one Duke Blue Devils. So how are you feeling about that, Andrew?

Andrew Burd [00:05:46]:

Well, I mean, it’s not going to get any less stressful, that’s for sure. They’re going up against the best of the best. So I guess if there’s a time to be battle tested, to kind of have your teeth sharpened a little bit for a grinded out match, for a trip to the national championship, this is the time to bring it. So I’m looking forward to the game, obviously. I think it’s going to be exciting either way. Obviously, with it being in Philadelphia, there’s going to be a huge showing of Penn State fans there. It’s kind of neat because they have this graphic up on social media that says, Pack the link. And I just kind of have to do a double take because I feel like I should be looking at something for the Eagles when it says something like that. But it’s really neat. That video of the final couple of seconds of that game are crazy because army thinks that they’ve miraculously tied it up. Our guys have their arms up because they think they won the game, and then they have to go back and review it. I mean, it doesn’t get any closer than that. So just an absolute thrilling game, electric finish. It’s just kind of more of the same for Penn State, just finding a way to get it done.

Vince Fadale [00:06:56]:

Yeah. And this is the equivalent of March Madness and lacrosse. You find a way to win. And Duke, if they don’t bring their A game and they overlook Penn State, they could be in for trouble. Their opening game against Delaware, they almost lost. They only won by a goal. And they did blow out Michigan 15 to eight. But which Duke team will we get? We don’t know. Obviously, Jack Posey probably is not going to be healthy enough to play, so you’re going to need some extra scoring from guys like TJ. Malone. So hopefully they can do that. And hopefully on Memorial Day, your netANY lines are fighting for a national champion or winning a big national championship.

Andrew Burd [00:07:38]:

Yeah, agreed. So even more stuff to look forward to with the holiday weekend.

Vince Fadale [00:07:44]:

Yeah, absolutely. And speaking of holidays, there’s been some reports that Penn State football is going to be playing at Michigan State on Black Friday. And there have been even some rumors of potentially playing at Ford Field in Detroit. What are your thoughts on that? Are you happy about the Friday night game at Michigan State?

Andrew Burd [00:08:09]:

I don’t really have any strong thoughts about playing on a Friday in general. I guess what has yet to be fully determined or at least revealed is just how in the loop Penn State was with all of this. Because I think that this is all part of the kind of evolving TV deal with NBC and kind of figuring out where all those pieces lay. So I think they basically got told after the fact, like, hey, you’re going to be playing Michigan State on this Friday. And so I think if given the choice, they probably would have said no because nobody wants to play on a short week, especially against a tricky, incompetence opponent like that. So I think that Penn State probably is a little bitter about it. I mean, I would be too, if I were them. So I think all things considered, though, as a fan on a holiday weekend, it’s going to be a little weird, but I’m still obviously going to watch them playing at Ford Field I think is a little strange because it’s like, why are we going to be there? But whatever. If it’s going to be a neutral field.

Vince Fadale [00:09:17]:

I think it’s kind of a cool thing because the lines play their Thanksgiving Day and then we would be playing the day after that. So I think that’s like a pretty neat thing just because it is Thanksgiving week. I’m actually in a different boat here, so I really hated the Thursday night game. But I love this Friday night game. And the reason I love this is because Penn State has a very good record when they play on Friday, especially Friday night, and their road record is actually relatively higher on the road. If you look at their last Friday night game, they won 59 to nothing at Maryland, which you were at that game, I believe. That was a good time, right? Especially if it’s at Ford Field and all the crazy weather conditions we get at Michigan State, whether it’s like a three and a half hour lightning delay or six inches of snow, that always seems to be what we get at Michigan State. And then the game doesn’t go our way. So I like that it’s in more of a controlled environment. You got the dome. Penn State has a lot of speed, which I like, so I think that gives Penn State an advantage. And they just seem to play well on Fridays and on the road. I have a good feeling about that game as opposed to a Saturday, so I like it. Now, would I like a Friday night game at Beaver Stadium? Absolutely not. Take off work. That’s inconvenient for me. But when it’s on a Friday night and I’m not going to the game, it doesn’t impact me. Like, yes, I love it on a Friday night, and then that frees up my whole Saturday. If I want to go outside and ride my bike or watch other college football games, it gives me more time to do so. I’m loving this. I can just watch the Thanksgiving Day games and then Black Friday. I got Penn State to look forward to. I don’t have to wait all the way to Saturday. So I am definitely in favor of Penn State playing on Black Friday.

Andrew Burd [00:11:25]:

Yeah, fair points. And I think for me, even though I could go either way on playing at Ford Field, there’s nothing wrong with getting away from the black magic that exists in East Lansing at that football field, because weird freaking things have happened. There kind of a little bit of Iowa in that football stadium. So if we’re going to get away from that and kind of being able to put our guys in the best position to compete, I like us against Michigan State this season, regardless of where we play. But I’ll take that voodoo magic out of the equation any day.

Vince Fadale [00:12:04]:

Yeah, absolutely. You know how there’s that viral clip of Trump saying bad things happen in Philadelphia? I feel like oh, bad things happen in East Lansing. So that’s kind of the vibe that I think that most Penn State football fans do have. It’s just been their past four contests. They’ve been one in three on the road versus Michigan State. So this is not a place that Penn State has had a lot of success, even when they’ve been on paper, the superior team, and just weird things seem to happen there. If we get to go to Ford Field instead, that would make me very happy, and I get to watch Penn State football a day earlier. So all positives for me. So I’m happy with that matchup, and I think it’ll be really fun to watch. I’m liking this NBC deal. Less Big Noon kickoff, more night games for your Nittany Lions. So things are looking good with this schedule.

Andrew Burd [00:13:01]:


Vince Fadale [00:13:03]:

So moving on to other news, we actually have some national champions. Emma and Jack Harvey both won at least three swimming national titles for Bermuda and swimming. So we got some national champions on our men’s and women’s swimming squad. So what are your thoughts on that?

Andrew Burd [00:13:27]:

I mean, that’s always cool, but you say for Bermuda. Yeah.

Vince Fadale [00:13:34]:

So they had their national swimming championships, just like USA Swimming has theirs. But Bermuda is not from Bermuda. Yes, they’re from Bermuda. So they got to compete in their national championships.

Andrew Burd [00:13:49]:


Vince Fadale [00:13:49]:

And State has some national champions. I don’t think Bermuda is Bermuda considered the Caribbean, because it’s more like north of the Caribbean, I think. But anyway, that’s really cool news.

Andrew Burd [00:14:03]:

Yeah, for sure. I mean, just always love to see the Nittany Lions doing well, no matter what they’re doing.

Vince Fadale [00:14:10]:

Yeah, absolutely. And speaking of doing well, I think we got a nice recruit. We got six foot eleven center favor Air coming over from Miami, and Miami was we’re talking about Penn State lacrosse making the Final Four? Miami was a team that made the Final Four this past season. So I think this is a big ad for Mike Rhodes and the roster. I think it’ll give us more competition at the center position. What are your thoughts on this ad and the impact that it’s going to make on Penn State’s basketball program?

Andrew Burd [00:14:49]:

So, first of all, love the name. I think that’s a pretty bad ass name for a basketball player. So I’m all in favor of that. Second, I’m just thrilled to continue to see these dominoes following the way that they are. Mike Rhodes has not been sluggish in his first offseason at Penn State, which is exactly what we were hoping what he’s been doing is exactly what we were hoping he would do in trying to rebuild the roster, finding transfer portal diamonds, wherever they existed. Kind of a Shrewsbury esque approach, just kind of rebuilding from scratch. And so I don’t know what else you could really be asking of the guy at this point. Obviously, he’s making a very strong pitch, and Miami is no slouch, so they recruit some good players down there. So if favor falls into that category, I think we’ve got ourselves a heck of a player.

Vince Fadale [00:15:48]:

Yeah, I think so too. And I think that he’s probably going to be a guy that might have a lot of potential, but might be a little raw in terms of technique and things like that. It does say during his freshman season that he did average nine points, so that’s great to see. I’m curious if this is a typo. In the article, it says he only averaged 0.6 rebounds per game in his 14 appearances in his rookie season. So if you’re telling me you’re six foot eleven and 250 pounds and you’re averaging, like, 0.6 rebounds, I think that’s an area that can be much improved. I’m like six 1116. If I play Division One basketball, I think I could muster, like, one rebound a game. Hopefully that’s an area that they work on, or that’s the typo, hopefully. Hopefully that’s six rebounds. I think six would be a more accurate number for someone that size.

Andrew Burd [00:16:46]:

Right. How many minutes?

Vince Fadale [00:16:48]:

Really exciting game, though, per game. It said he had 14 appearances.

Andrew Burd [00:16:54]:

Okay, yeah.

Vince Fadale [00:16:56]:

It doesn’t say that his minutes in the article, but he’s starting to round out this Penn State roster. They have one roster spot left. So what are your thoughts on Mike Rhodes, and how would you grade his performance of bringing in players to start the program from scratch year one? How do you think he’s done?

Andrew Burd [00:17:20]:

Well, like I said, I think he’s done pretty good, all things considered. I mean, the ultimate test is going to be the season. Seeing how Penn State does, I think all of us are expecting a few bumps in the road, some growing pains with this roster that was assembled from all different programs around the country and even internationally. So I think we’re in for not the smoothest season, at least to start. But I think so far, like I said, rhodes has done exactly what you would or he’s done exactly what you’d hope he would do as a Penn State fan, with just hitting the transfer portal hard, kind of not resting for a bit, coming into Penn State and kind of seeing where the chips fall, because he didn’t have that luxury. The roster was depleted. All the incoming recruits and freshmen were gone. All the first year guys who were promising entered the transfer portal. So the guy could not wait and he didn’t. So I think he deserves a lot of credit for that. So I guess if I had to give him a grade, I’d probably give him an A because I don’t really have anything else to really grade him on at this point. I think the season is going to shed a lot of light, but ultimately I just want a guy who’s going to be locked in, going to be smart with the players that he has, and I think historically he’s shown that he is that kind of coach. So I think we’re going to have a favorable outlook of him even in year one, even if there are some bumps in the road. But so far I’ve been highly satisfied, I would say.

Vince Fadale [00:19:00]:

Yeah. And there’s some reports that Penn State has been in contact with Memphis transfer Malcolm Dandridge. I think he’d be a good addition at the forward spot. He’s 69, averaged 5.6 points per game at Memphis and 3.6 rebounds. He recently entered the portal a few weeks ago, and he has a big list of teams that are interested in him, including Kansas. So I think this would be a big get if they can get him to fill that last roster spot. However, in terms of player acquisition and talent, I’m kind of more in that C range, but I don’t necessarily feel like it’s his fault you see him lose out on guys like Jalen Deloshe and Noah Thomason both going to Georgia. I think a lot of that might be nil, and we obviously don’t have access to all that information. I know if that’s the reason why, but when I saw four or five VCU guys, I was hoping that more of them would be heading up north because that was an NCAA tournament team last year. So if we got those guys, I’d be feeling very confident about their performances and having a good first year at Penn State, especially with Ace Baldwin Jr. Leading the charge. So I was hoping that we would get more of those guys and guys like Evan Mahafee and Kebajai would stay and stick it out or even like a Dahlian Johnson or Caleb Dorsey. Dahlian Johnson is a good shooter, and that might be a good role for him. We talked about Leo Boyle and how his three point shootings going to space the floor for Penn State. So kind of disappointed that some of those guys didn’t stick. Caleb Dorsey at one point was our starting center last year, and he didn’t stay. He went to William and Mary. So losing Evan Behaffey, he was a defensive specialist, freak athlete. We would think a guy with his skill set is going to be really good in this micros defense, and I was kind of hoping he would be able to sell that to Evan Hayfi and get him to stay. But it just, for whatever reason, didn’t work out, and now he’s across the border at Ohio State and playing for the Buckeyes. So that’s where I’m at with the Sea now. Is it necessarily his fault? No. I am happy that we got the freshman from Iceland, Coach Cruisebury’s. First year, there was zero freshmen on the roster, so he kind of had to go with older, more experienced guys. So that’s kind of why I’m going with the seat. Not terrible, but not great. I would have liked to see some more big names after that season.

Andrew Burd [00:22:05]:

Yeah, I mean, that’s fair. I think there’s a couple of factors at play there. Number one. I think that when you have guys entering the transfer portal, no matter who you are, it takes a herculean effort and also some dominoes to fall your way, I think, to kind of reel them back, because in the case of guys like Kebba Jai and Evan Mahafee and stuff, I think that they kind of had their mind set a little bit. And just as people, it’s like when you kind of set your mind to something or you kind of decide something for yourself, it kind of takes a lot to kind of, like, walk that stuff back. And I’m not saying that it’s impossible because it’s happened plenty of times. We’ve already seen it in the transfer portal, but I just think that there’s a human element there. And I think also and this is exactly the kind of trend that we’re hoping to buck, but when it comes to Penn State and historically, where basketball sits in the whole kind of spectrum of sports at the university, it hasn’t been held up as high as basketball is held at other schools. And, I mean, I would even argue that Georgia probably even has more nil investment at their program than Penn State does right now. And Georgia is unequivocally a football school. So I think there’s absolutely plenty of those elements involved there, too, where all it takes is, like, one or two phone calls from those deep pockets down south to say, hey, we know you need a new home. Come check us out. I absolutely can see your points there. When you look at all the people he didn’t get. It does look a little grim. I guess I’m just kind of thrilled that we’re continuing to bring on people, because for a while, we just didn’t have anybody. There was nobody.

Vince Fadale [00:23:58]:

We didn’t have a team. We literally had four players on the roster. Yeah, I definitely get what you’re saying.

Andrew Burd [00:24:04]:

Right. But, yeah, I think you made some good points, though.

Vince Fadale [00:24:08]:

I almost feel like some of the players we’re getting, it’s almost like.

Andrew Burd [00:24:16]:


Vince Fadale [00:24:17]:

Feels like you’re getting, like, the kid who got picked last for kickball at recess or something. Your highest rated recruits are going to, like Georgia and Kansas, all these other schools throughout the country, and then we’re getting these guys months later. And that’s kind of where I’m a little nervous about the upcoming season. And I’m just like, okay, how good are these guys going to be? And the scoring averages aren’t super high, and obviously that’s not the only stat that matters. Defense, rebounding, ability to handle ball and shooting percentages, all those different things are important. And just because someone doesn’t score a lot of points doesn’t mean they’re not going to be a good player or a good role player on the team. It’s just you see, ace Baldwin Jr. Scoring a lot of points, and then outside of that, you just got to ask yourself, where is the scoring going to come from? And the answer is, I don’t know. Leo Boyle, is he going to be able to space the floor all by himself and with his good three point shooting percentage? Probably not. So this is a really high level of basketball, especially when we get to Big Ten play. I think his track record kind of talks for itself. He’s a winner, good coach, good teacher. But it might take a while for the results to show, just because I don’t know if the talent has made its way here, but who knows? I could be wrong. These guys who come in, they all might gel together great and form a great team. If you look at the Miami Heat in the playoffs, you got Jimmy Butler, who’s an All Star, bam out of Bio, is a mid first round draft pick, and then you have a bunch of undrafted guys. You can put a good team together. They just got to have that right mentality. And if the star player does their thing, let’s say we have Ace Baldwin Jr. For example. If he does that Jimmy Butler role and sets his teammates up well and they knock down open shots, it can work. It can absolutely work. But the probability of that happening is lower than it would be higher should you get more of the star players. So that’s kind of where I’m at. But again, time will tell as the season goes on.

Andrew Burd [00:26:42]:

I think our game plan should just be to hold opponents to, like, 20 to 30 points a game. If we just do that, then we’ll be good.

Vince Fadale [00:26:49]:

It’s going to be like that Wisconsin game in 2011 where we won 35 to 33 exactly. Right.

Andrew Burd [00:26:57]:

So we just got to do that about 25 to 30 times and we’ll be good. So simple.

Vince Fadale [00:27:04]:

Yeah. Time will tell. But speaking of the NBA, were you able to catch Jalen Pickett and Cephaloni’s workouts and numbers of scrimmages at the NBA Combine?

Andrew Burd [00:27:17]:

I saw a few tidbits here and there. I mean, mostly what I saw were just kind of sound bites from some of the NBA coaches watching their scrimmage and both guys receiving a lot of praise. There’s an excellent sound bite. I forget who the scout is for. I think it might have been like the Hawks or something. And Jalen.

Vince Fadale [00:27:40]:

Yeah, I think it was the Toronto Raptors. Assistant.

Andrew Burd [00:27:43]:

Oh, so it was the Raptors. Okay.

Vince Fadale [00:27:45]:

I like that kid from Penn State.

Andrew Burd [00:27:46]:

Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that’s the clip I’m thinking of. So I was like, yeah, man, I love it. So, yeah, good for them. Glad that they’re making the most of their opportunity.

Vince Fadale [00:27:55]:

Yeah. And you’ve seen Jalen Pickett get some Marcus Smart comparisons, which is pretty cool because that is and he’s a pretty good pretty good player and kind of a tough physical guard. I do think Pick does need to get more consistent with his three pointer, but man, Seth Londi was shooting like 72%. I think he was eight of eleven from three.

Andrew Burd [00:28:17]:

He’s crazy.

Vince Fadale [00:28:19]:

Yeah. So really impressive. And my kind of hot take prediction, I think you’re going to see Seth Lundy get drafted higher than Jalen Pickett.

Andrew Burd [00:28:32]:


Vince Fadale [00:28:33]:

So I feel like Jalen Pickett is definitely the guy who gets a lot more of the spotlight for Penn State. But in the NBA, the three ball is so important. And Seth Lundy, when he’s in a groove, you just know he’s going to make the shot, he’s going to hit everything. And I think when he’s playing with star players, he’s going to find his spots and he’s going to knock down threes. I think he’ll be like maybe a smaller George Niang on the sixers. Every time I see him in a good position, he just seems to knock down the three every time. If a defender is not in his face and he’s open, he just knocks it down every time. And I think that’s who Seth London is going to be. And Nyang is not quite as quick on defense. Seth a little bit smaller, he’s a little bit quicker. So I think he’ll be a really good defensive player and I think he’s going to find there’s going to be a team with some star players that are saying, hey, we need role players who can play really good defense and who can knock down threes. And I think Seth is going to fill that role really good. And is he going to do a lot of dribble penetration? No, that’s not the highlight of his game. Whereas Pick is more of a dribble penetrator and he’ll back.

Andrew Burd [00:29:49]:

Booty ball.

Vince Fadale [00:29:50]:

Booty ball. Exactly. You saw some of that in the scrimmage. And I think Pick will really benefit from he’s not going to see all the double teams that he was seeing at Penn State. So I think he’ll have success that way. But at the same time, he’s going to be going against NBA competition. He’s not going to be going against many six one guards who he can just back down into the paint.

Andrew Burd [00:30:14]:


Vince Fadale [00:30:14]:

I do think especially his three, if he gets a better three, it’ll make it easier for him to dribble, penetrate and do what he does best. So I think that’s an area in his game where he can develop it over time. But I think with Cecil Andy having such a good three point shot, I think that does give him a decent opportunity to be drafted higher.

Andrew Burd [00:30:38]:

Yeah, I mean, I think your logic is sound, so we’ll just have to wait and see. When is the draft? I don’t follow that close enough, so I don’t know when it is.

Vince Fadale [00:30:47]:

I think it’s in it might be coming up in a week or so. I think it’s around Memorial Day. It might be June. Sometimes it’s like before the NBA Finals is over. It’s between the Conference Finals and NBA Finals, so it is happening very soon. I was very surprised to see mock drafts that didn’t have any of them getting drafted because those two guys can play and it’s very evident. So I hope that these scouts are thinking like I am because I was seeing players from other teams who I didn’t think were quite as good like getting drafted. So I think you’re going to have them have a good opportunity to get drafted, maybe not first round, but see it in the second round.

Andrew Burd [00:31:39]:

Yeah, I hope you’re right.

Vince Fadale [00:31:42]:

Yeah. So I think that was a lot of sporting news and exciting stuff happening in Penn State athletics. I think the lacrosse team is definitely the highlight of that. But have some other big news in Happy Valley. Milkshakes. They are back at the creamery. What are your thoughts on this great news?

Andrew Burd [00:32:07]:

I love it. Milkshakes are elite. First of all, I love me some ice cream, but I could have a milkshake every day of my life and not get tired of them. And another part of that is the fact that we can finally go back to having death shakes. So I don’t know if you’ve ever had a milkshake with death by chocolate ice cream, but when they make it and then they announce it for you, they call it out and say death shake. So I’m just very much looking forward to that, and I’m certainly going to get one as soon as I can this upcoming football season. Like the first time that I come.

Vince Fadale [00:32:48]:

Yeah. Now, I don’t want to dampen your spirits, and I wasn’t aware that the milkshakes were gone for so long. I thought they had brought them back by now. But the article I did read did say they were only doing the milkshakes with four flavors for now. So I think it was like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mint. So I think those are the four choices. So you can get a chocolate, but I don’t know if it’s going to be a death shake.

Andrew Burd [00:33:19]:

Well, regardless, yeah. Chocolate ice cream from the creamier, though, is still right up there. So I’ll be happy no matter what. Just the theatrics of the announcement was what made a significant part of that experience. But regardless, super happy to hear the news, and a lot of Penn Staters, I’m sure, will be happy to know about it as well.

Vince Fadale [00:33:45]:

Yeah, absolutely. So the flavors are vanilla, chocolate, bittersweet, mint. It’s not strawberry. I was wrong. It was peachy Paterno. So you can get a peachy Paterno milkshake. So those are the four flavors that you can get for $9. So they’re back, baby.

Andrew Burd [00:34:03]:

Yeah. I have some creamier ice cream in my freezer right now, and I’m very tempted after we wrap this up, to go downstairs and eat some.

Vince Fadale [00:34:15]:

Well, thank you guys for listening today. If you’d like to support the Pod, please tell your friends. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you enjoy the show, please leave a five star view so other Nittany Line fans like you can find us interested in new episodes. You can subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or other streaming platforms to be notified. Thanks for listening, and we want to remind you that we are the Nittany Blues podcast.

Andrew Burd [00:34:41]:

See you next time.

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