Ep. 124: Penn State Offense Joins the Party in Rout Over Maryland (PSU vs UMD Recap)

Penn State had it’s best performance on the road this season, beating Maryland 51-15. On top of a historic performance by the defense, the Nittany Lion offense took a big step forward. In this episode, we celebrate big moments from this game, individual performances, and chat about other college football games and PSU athletics updates.


00:04:30 Defense dominates with negative 49 rushing yards.

00:09:28 Drew excels, Cephas makes game-changing catch.

00:12:49 Kaytron Allen, RB1?

00:18:38 Trick plays and Beau Pribula package.

00:23:57 Importance of this performance on the road.

00:32:41 James Franklin’s coaching journey and rivalry with MD.

00:40:51 Washington wins against USC, but needs defensive improvement. USC fires their defensive coordinator.

00:44:24 FSU not as dominant in recent stretches; Washington and Oregon are strong contenders for CFP.

00:55:36 Which 2024 opponent should be next year’s White Out?

01:00:50 Higher difficulty of opponents with 2024 Big Ten schedule.

01:13:51 Women’s volleyball drops heartbreaker to Nebraska.

01:16:25 Penn State men’s hockey comes through in shootout over Notre Dame.

01:20:25 Penn State sports events and schedule updates.

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